Steal with pride… using a good idea

From now on we are going to invite interesting people to give their views on Fair Sex and personal values. Some west Swedish companies (Preera, Volvo IT and Fortos Mangement Consulting) has taken the initiative to survey values in Sweden. We think this is an exciting idea. These companies want to encourage reflection and dialogue….. Read more »

R.S. Legwear Report No 1 – Way out West 2010

Way Out west, such a wonderful concentration of stylish legwear in differents colors and patterns. We spent fifteen minutes taking these pictures, (during a Håkan Hellström concert…). M.I.A, Lykke Li and La Roux, all three wore stylish legwear while they where performing (Propably not the only ones, but the only ones we got a chance… Read more »

From Amsterdam with love.. I guess.

A while ago I visited a city that I for so long wanted to see. I’ve always been interested in beautiful buildings and I love cities that almost float on water and what could be better to see than the city of Amsterdam… Yeah, right. If you look to the romantic side of it, which… Read more »

New campaigning opportunities

Recently I read something intresting at the website CSR i This is certainly not new information, but still highly linked to the RealStars vision – to make a difference i a very important issue – trafficking. There is a tipping point in every issue and if people join together and stand up to something… Read more »