Fair Sex is a challenge on many levels

Name: Therese Albrechtson Age: 25 Lives: Göteborg. Profession: entrepreneur, today known for the book “Våga Vårda Vinn” and the new company, Academy of Excellence, a school for entrepreneurs. Three questions from RealStars – three new answers. 1. What do you think is important in life? Primarily, the most important thing in life is that I… Read more »

EU- a step in the right direction to stop trafficking

When are the girls who become victims of trafficking going to be able to enjoy the same human rights as the rest of us? Recently, the EU took a step in the right direction in the process of agreeing on a new anti-trafficking directive. The issue, currently being discussed at the EU parliament, would make… Read more »

Legwear Report Copenhagen – Black on cycling legs

During our visit to Copenhagen we started to look for girls with unexpected, exciting leggings. The street fashion was however black – black tights and leggings. Fab with the right combinations, black is always classy. Many shops had really cool things. Girls cycled with big old-fashioned bicycles and the sun was shining. RealStars could be… Read more »

Steal with pride… using a good idea

From now on we are going to invite interesting people to give their views on Fair Sex and personal values. Some west Swedish companies (Preera, Volvo IT and Fortos Mangement Consulting) has taken the initiative to survey values in Sweden. We think this is an exciting idea. These companies want to encourage reflection and dialogue….. Read more »

R.S. Legwear Report No 1 – Way out West 2010

Way Out west, such a wonderful concentration of stylish legwear in differents colors and patterns. We spent fifteen minutes taking these pictures, (during a Håkan Hellström concert…). M.I.A, Lykke Li and La Roux, all three wore stylish legwear while they where performing (Propably not the only ones, but the only ones we got a chance… Read more »

From Amsterdam with love.. I guess.

A while ago I visited a city that I for so long wanted to see. I’ve always been interested in beautiful buildings and I love cities that almost float on water and what could be better to see than the city of Amsterdam… Yeah, right. If you look to the romantic side of it, which… Read more »