Three questions to Ellinor Persson

RealStars’ three questions go to Ellinor Persson. She is a program host, TV journalist and moderator. A familiar face sharing her insights with us. 1- What do you think is important in life? A lot of things are important in life. I think of my family that is very important to me; for the love… Read more »

Heroes or Stars

Today I´ve been thinking about heros. Just like that, the word “hero” crossed my mind. Some days are just like that for me. A word pops up in my head and then a whole day is filled with the toughts. Crazy, yeah? Back to heroes. I was thinking who my heroes are and I couldn´t… Read more »

Three questions to Matilda Sjöström, Steget

My name is Matilda Sjöström and I´m 29 years old. I live in the best city in the world, Gothenburg, and I just had my second child and life is sweet. I´m a singer in the band Steget. True love and music is the best thing I know. Besides this I´m a project manager, I… Read more »

Trafficking and me

Human trafficking, sex trafficking, all these terrible destinies you can read about. They concern all of us, sometimes just for a moment and other times they continue echoing in the head, not seldom when I meet my young female relatives or hug my daughters. They smile so beautifully and greet every day with confidence and… Read more »

Three questions to Henning Mankell

RealStars has three new answers, this time from Henning Mankell. We met him recently at the UNICEF conference about human trafficking where he was one of the speakers. Profession: Writer and director at Teatro Avenida in Maputo What do you think is important in life? To believe that it must be possible to create a… Read more »

Zarah and Malte in town with RealStars leggings

A while ago we promised to show you more pictures of the fantastic RealStars leggings, designed by Johanna Brag – voilá! The funny part is that you can combine the leggings with different styles and outfits: high heels and dresses or a more relaxed look. But one thing is for sure: with these leggings you… Read more »