Trafficking and Unfair sex is on everyone’s lips this week!

“Musikhjälpen” in Malmö with a fundraising marathon against trafficking, debate about EU-legislation on trafficking at Brännpunkt, and now girls on Twitter coming forward on seuality in a gey zone.

Everything is revolving around “unfair sex”, or the oppsite of FAIR SEX.

Musikhjälpen in Malmö – Artists and the wide public taking a stand against trafficking. Great turn-up from artists like Lisa Miskovsky, Kristin Antilla, Steget, Jay Smith, Takida amongst others.

An important proposition in the EU: A burning yet decisive topic: To criminalize buying sexual services from trafficking victims (trafficking of children, girls, and guys too). Swedish politicians have been very active regarding this propostion; a propostion that we at RealStars wholeheartedly support though it has been challenged by some EU-countries. It is apparantly hard to maintain the perpetrating citizens in their own backyard. The propostion means taking a step closer to dealing with this issue from its roots – countering the demand to buy a person. A step towards Fair Sex. It should be evident to disperse the responsibility amongst all perpertrators!

Twitter, a forum for stories about assaults: Journalist Johanna Koljonen initiated it and wrote a post on Twitter, openly talking about drawing the line, stepping over the boundery in sexual situations. A lot of girls and guys have followed her lead!

There are many people who have experencied sexual situations as negative, sometimes manifested as sexual harrassment at work or online, even sexual assaults or rape. There are many unrecorded cases.

Those of us who believe Fair Sex should be a guiding star; that it’s obvious it should be consensual, and built on mutuality and respect…

Sign your name and join the campaign MAKE FAIR SEX REAL – for ourselves and those who are victims of human trafficking.


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