Heroes or Stars

Today I´ve been thinking about heros. Just like that, the word “hero” crossed my mind. Some days are just like that for me. A word pops up in my head and then a whole day is filled with the toughts. Crazy, yeah?

Back to heroes.

I was thinking who my heroes are and I couldn´t come up with one famous name. Heroes for me are the people I know and the ones I don´t, but I´ve for some reason heard of.

Like the men who found a big amount money in a bag on the street in Bosnia and he gave it back to the owners. And he himself had no money at all. He was pretty poor, but rich inside. That´s a hero for me.

Or the ones who do anything to help another person in need. It could be anyone. Every little thing counts. Everyday heroes are the ones that makes the world spinn around for me and for many of you I´m sure.

So, naturally the word “everyday hero” lead me into the RealStars of course. So I had to share this toughts with you and remind all of you that the “small things counts” for us to be a RealStar for someone else. Like to post a RScampaign postcard (coming soon) or sign a RealStars petition.


// Vilda.