Make Fair Sex Real: the name of the web campaign we are about to launch

We have earlier said that the EU during the last half of the year has treated the issue of human trafficking in a Directive with some tightening up on certain areas. One important point was unfortunately negotiated away when the Council came into the picture: that it shall become criminal to buy sex from victims of sex trafficking. This means that EU’s proposal did not go as far as Sweden’s standpoint where it is not at all acceptable to buy sex. In our opinion, this is where Sweden has taken a stand for Fair Sex. However, from the EU’s perspective this is fundamental, as it becomes a turning point and the beginning of an entirely new approach.

Sex – an important issue, yes … and a politically charged one!

A few years ago I attended a lecture held by Christian Azar when he launched his new book, “The power of the climate”. With the climate issues linked to consumption Christian started off on our consumption and its CO2 emissions. We consume a lot but what we actually appreciate the most to feel good and happy is not derived from material things but rather in love, sex and relationships we engage in.

Great! That said, we have recognized that love, sex and relationships are among the most important elements for a happy life and where everyone has a responsibility.

It would be naive to believe that authorities and governments could legislate “happiness to all”. But we can recognize the problem and the possibility to set boundaries in this area as in others. What is acceptable and what is not. From a security point of view, society can regulate speed limits where my “personal pleasure” – driving fast, turns into a criminal act. Similarly, society can set limits in the field of sex – which recognizes that the quest for personal happiness, if you want to put it this way, (becomes a crime if it is to exploit or violate another human being).

Make a stand

As a first step within EU, this means that buying of sex from victims of human trafficking would be a criminal act. It should not be that difficult really, regardless of the difficulties related to the enforcement of such a law. It was not long ago the society took the position in other sensitive areas such as sexual harassment, and child beating, even if the application of laws is not without problems today. It’s about vision!

We are now happy and thankful that we’re finishing our campaign site, “Make Fair Sex Real” in which European policy makers are the beneficiaries. Many have contributed to make this possible. Again – all these fantastic people – are the ones shaping RealStars. The invitations will arrive soon. Think about it and give us tips on how we can all spread the campaign.

// RealStars