We humans are totally dependent on each other no matter where in the world we are born

RealStars have three new answers, this time from Carl-Martin “Sture” Vikingsson. Sture was previously the singer of the band Svenska Akademien and he is currently in a band called Stures Dansorkester. They will have a new record released in January 2011. Sture works as a songwriter, artist and pedagogue. Sture’s website and blog can be found here.

1. What is important in life for you?

To me, life is a journey and a possibility to learn more about myself, others and the world around us. I want to work for a world which is better than the one we live in today and I want to try to become a better person. I’m looking for a path where I can evolve and realize myself and at the same time do good things for other people. I imagine it’s about starting a chain reaction, trying to spread ideas, inspiration and alternative attitudes.

2. What would you like to see more of in society?

I would like to see more of an attitude where the individual is allowed and encouraged. At the same time it’s a fact that we humans are completely dependent on each other no matter where in the world we are born or where we live. A human can’t become a human without other humans. I believe that would be much about seeing consequences of your own acting and your consumption. To realize that prosperity and health built on others’ suffering is not tenable. Something I would like to see more of is general social consciousness, holistic thinking, and an attitude where we realize that we must act with adherence to social and ecological consequences, even when we do business.

3. Has “Fair Sex” as an idea, the place it deserves in society and what important challenges do you find connected to it?

Not at all. Sexuality is essentially something very beautiful, something of a gift from a god, but today it is too often linked with exploitation and oppression. The challenge is to work with other values, to allow yourself to see things from afar, but with an analytic eye. And afterwards try to transform new ideas into reality here and now. To me, the genus perspective has been incredibly inspiring throughout the years; I think it has opened many doors in different areas. If we give ourselves the opportunity to openly discuss and question what is current, I am completely convinced that we are onto something better.

The human being is an amazing, flexible creature; I think we should make sure to use our creativity in the best way possible instead of limiting ourselves to our given roles and conventional thinking.