Three questions to Ellinor Persson

RealStars’ three questions go to Ellinor Persson. She is a program host, TV journalist and moderator. A familiar face sharing her insights with us.

1- What do you think is important in life?

A lot of things are important in life. I think of my family that is very important to me; for the love it gives me. Children give me love and help me capture the day “Carpe Diem”. It is extremely important to me. If one is unable to capture the day – and only thinks ahead – he/she loses so much.

2- What would you like to see more in society?

I would like to see more courageous people. I don’t think the problem is about values but rather the lack of people taking a stand and daring to show their values.

3-  Does “Fair Sex” concept have the position it deserves in the society and what are the important challenges that you think come with it?

No, the concept has not received enough attention. The issue of Fair Sex needs to be highlighted until the last problem is solved. There is hidden unfair sex that we don’t talk about. Unfair Sex is a big issue which in its turn creates misleading values. It takes courageous people like you to take on this challenge. The challenge in the long run is not to make people work for Fair Sex but to have people live with Fair Sex. The problem is deeply rooted, and it is about basic values to be able to respect each other.

Do you have any favorite legwear?

I prefer footless – leggings – because I have long legs. I like them with sharp and happy colors.

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