Open your eyes

During the past week I have given a lot of thought to Fair Sex, particularly as to why there are so much unfair sex. The Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society reports on their website that 1.7% of Swedish youths have sold sex on the Internet at least once.

To read this kind of information makes me sick. I do not understand how one as an adult can sit by a computer, arrange a date with a person and then actively buy sex from a minor. We know there are people with sick sexual preferences, but what makes it offensive is to what extent it occurs and that it is allowed to continue to happen without interference by the Police or the Government.

Some weeks ago, the Metro published an article in which they had interviewed an underage boy who was selling sex in order to get some spear change and to help out with the bills at home. You do not often hear or read about boys selling sex, at least not as often as you hear about girls, and there is not as much support for boys who reach out for help. If it is taboo to talk about girls who sell sex, then it is super taboo to talk about boys selling sex. In some ways it is not even on the map, but it does exist and we cannot close our eyes to it any more. I am pleased to find that there is a clear trend in the media where an increased attention is given to youths who sell sex.

It is important that the community open its eyes and really realises what is actually happening behind closed doors. Also, the need for the Government to step up and take responsibility and give help to the youths whom have sold sex is crucial. We must all have the courage to stand up for those who don’t have a voice of their own, so please sign up and give your support to our campaign!