We spoke out at the Year of the volunteer-exhibition

– At the end of the day, the amount of stars should be more than a thousand. That’s what I thought when I started as an exhibitor at RealStars’ Volunteer-year exhibition. ”1000 ways to change the world” Friday 12/8.

I reached my goal! Over a thousand people have now signed “Join Fair Sex”. A thousand unique stars agree that fair sex is a certainty. The exhibition was very good. The visitors, people of different ages and backgrounds wanted to discuss the problems and were generally interested in the matter.

A woman approaches me and looks at me for a while. She signs the list and starts talking about trafficking and sexual assault.
– What you are doing is important, keep it up, she says before she leaves.
That’s when I understood the positive force RealStars represent.

Well, we mightn’t have the best spot. A coffee table in the middle of the room was our spot. I had to hang our new sign with the slogan “Join Fair Sex” on the backside of another organization’s roll-up.
Many organizations had colorful things and a spot with “walls” you could hang flyers and posters. We had a little table in the middle of a big room, with a computer on it and a partially obscured poster. But we had the word. The word which everyone’s eyes will seek, the word which affects. “Sex”.
Many people stopped to read, sign the list and discuss what RealStars stands for.

That’s how I reached the goal. With a list of over a thousand names. But it isn’t over. You can sign it too, become a unique star!

Elizabeth Granqvist for RealStars