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Porn – a phenomenon that awakes reactions and needs to be discussed

Today’s normalization of porn where we are exposed by our own or other’s consumption is striking. What alternative is there but mainstream porn? RealStars emphazises the most important part of the scool. Laure Olivia is in charge of young people’s engagement in the chairity organisation FiLiA, that work’s for women’s rights. She recently wrote an… Read more »

Inspiration, dialogue for change at Anna Lindh MedForum 2016

After some intensive days in Malta it’s time to try to summarise the Anna Lindh Mediterranean Forum 2016. At its centre are intercultural dialogue, openness and creating new stories and counterforces to violence, discrimination and extremism which are such topical issues today. As the representative for Realstars I was one of around 500 people who gathered… Read more »

Fashion for Fair Sex

De flesta av oss gillar sex och mode. Så vi på RealStars tänkte; varför inte kombinera dessa två genom att skapa modeprodukter som kan säljas till förmån för arbetet mot trafficking? När du köper någon av våra produkter går alla intäkter oavkortat till att fortsätta kampen för ett Europa fritt från sexslaveri, prostitution och trafficking…. Read more »

Du har väl inte glömt att skriva på vår huvudkampanj?

Kampanjer mot trafficking RealStars arbetar på bred front för att skapa och driva opinion mot trafficking och sexhandel i Europa. Det gör vi främst genom kampanjer för att påverka beslutsfattare. Vi stärker värderingar för Fair Sex i samhället och bland individer. For fair sex – against trafficking 2011 års kampanj Make Fair Sex Real –… Read more »

The second KICK-OFF for volunteers this year

On Ascension Day last week a group of enthusiastic volunteers met for the second KICK-OFF of the year in Stockholm. This time Berns sponsored our meeting and provided us with a suite and refreshments. Berns, Stockholm, participates in Hotels Against Trafficking. There were lively discussions and intriguing questions debated. How can the city of Stockholm… Read more »

RealStars collaborates with cafés, restaurants and shops in Stockholm

RealStars has recently initiated multiple collaborations with movements in Stockholm, and they are constantly evolving. The collaborations constitute financial support for RealStars’ work, but first and foremost a chance to bring the problematic nature of trafficking to light and give more people the opportunity to take a stand for Fair Sex. At Ecoist Butik och… Read more »

A great kick-off for RS volunteers

Project leader Alexandra Davidsson held the first kick-off for new volunteers in Stockholm on Friday 8th April. – It was really rewarding, and particularly fun was also that Clarion Hotel Sign supported us with a fantastic conference venue and a yummy fika, Alexandra says. The Kick-off is part of Realstars’ new efforts on volunteering and… Read more »