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More collaboration in Gothenburg

Since November 2015 RealStars has started several collaborations with businesses in Gothenburg and more is on the way. The partnerships is an economic aid for RealStars’ work but, above all, a chance to highlight the problem of trafficking and give more people the opportunity to take a stand for Fair Sex. Check out the shoe… Read more »

Youth, Internet and Fair Sex – do you want to join our focus group?

Anti-trafficking organization RealStars has in recent years visited hundreds of schools to engage young people in our work, and strengthen the values of Fair Sex and against trafficking. We think sex should be on equal terms, without violence or force, in all situations and for all individuals. The opposite of Fair Sex is prostitution and… Read more »

School visit to Byggtekniskt High School in Kista

On Wednesday of last week, RealStars visited Byggtekniskt High School in Kista. The school focuses a lot on “life skills questions”. Students had previously been visited by other organizations. It was noticeable as they were aware of different concepts and came up with insightful comments. The first hour of the visit we lectured on trafficking,… Read more »

An inspiring evening with Tomas Sjödin at the Clarion Hotel Post

On the evening of 25th January, 700 people gathered at the Clarion Hotel Post in Gothenburg to listen to Tomas Sjödin, author, columnist and an admired lecturer who inspires with his stories. RealStars are so pleased that together with Räddningsmissionen (the Rescue Mission) we were the charities for this event. The event began with a… Read more »

Thank you Swedish National Inheritance Fund, all teachers, schools and students!

This year is coming to an end and so does RealStars’ three-year Swedish National Inheritance Fund Project Fair Sex: The network and creative expression. As Process Managers we want to tell you about our work the past year, and thank the teachers, school and, above all, the thousands of students we have had the opportunity… Read more »

Three questions for Bahar och Louise

RealStars recently met with Bahar Kimanos and Louise Helldén who have started the first Realstars’ Students Union at Kungsholmen Gymnasium. We took the opportunity to ask them three questions: What makes you happy? “My friends. They make me laugh and smile” – Louise “Friends and family (and my computer)” – Bahar What would you do… Read more »

Winners in our Instagram competition #forfair6 – November

Today, the winners of November’s RealStars’ Instagram competition was nominated – winners will receive a t-shirt of choice. The winning entries can also be found on our Instagram: realstars_eu and on Creativity for fair sex. Congratulations to Louise Langetun and Filip Andersson, winner of the competition! You are real stars! RealStars’ Instagram competition is ongoing… Read more »

Five things everyone can do to stop human trafficking

The school tour in Västra Götaland steams on. The last few weeks we have visited Hulebäck’s High School in Härryda, Drottning Blankas High School in Falkenberg, Marks High School and several schools in Gothenburg. In all of them discussions have been intense and the questions many. For us, the participation of the students during the school… Read more »