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“We can choose to not buy sex”

RealStars has visited Technical High School of Lindholmen in Gothenburg, and met a total of 90 dedicated and interested students. After an introductory lecture, which raised many questions and thoughts, the students got to discuss in groups what they can do to work against trafficking and for Fair Sex. Here are some of the most… Read more »

“There are probably a lot of people who have had it pretty rough growing up”

The school visits in Gothenburg and Västra Götaland are up and running! So far we have been able to visit Lindholmens Tekniska Gymnasium, Dalslands Folkhögskola and the school that this post is going to be about, Alströmergymnasiet. The discussions around Fair Sex and its opposites are intense and it is clear that these matters are… Read more »

Stillerska Filmgymnasiet, Psykologigymnasiet and Ross Tensta Gymnasium

The fall is upon us, the weather is shifting as it does only during the Swedish fall and the school visits are lining up, one after the other, for the RealStars process managers in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Last week, RealStars visited first year students at Stillerska Filmgymnasiet, a smaller group of students that provoked a… Read more »

An offer to MYO, CYO and LYO

On August 31, Expressen reported that the Moderate Youth Organization had decided to work for the abolishing of the law prohibiting the purchase of sexual services and that the purchasing of sex should be legalized. As a reaction to this, on Monday 31/8 RealStars decided to send out the following email to the representatives of… Read more »

The Media Upper Secondary School in Nacka Strand

The fall semester of 2015 is in full swing and so are we here at RealStars. Yesterday I, Anton, visited the amazing last year students who are studying photography at the Media Upper Secondary School. The afternoon was initiated with a lecture where students could learn more about trafficking, what the situation is like in… Read more »

RealStars @ Stockholm Pride 2015

Under the watchword ”we are breaking up with trafficking and unfair sex in Europe”, RealStars participated in the Pride parade 2015 last Saturday. In total, we were 16 people that distributed information about RealStars’ work to curious Stockholm natives along the parade route during the day. To RealStars, it is important to participate in the… Read more »

#wedontbuyit, new legislation in Northern Ireland and End Demand Now in Scotland

Things are changing on the British Islands. The #wedontbuyit campaign in Ireland and Northern Ireland, new sex purchase legislation and, only yesterday, a new anti-prostitution campaign in Scotland. A campaign by the name #wedontbuyit  has been growing strong in the British Islands during the spring. With slogans such as “Prostitution we don’t buy it” and “most… Read more »

”It is 8 % too many”

This week we visited the athletics school Prolympia in West Gothenburg. Everyone in eighth class have the theme sex and coexistence the whole week. A fantastic initiative, we think, and we were very happy to be able to be there during two whole days and meet four different classes. The visits included exciting discussions and… Read more »

Jenny and Olivia answers three questions

Jenny and Olivia contacted RealStars because they, like us, want to spread the Fair Sex message through fashion. They have used the Fair Sex t-shirts and taken amazing photos as you can see below. They also agreed upon answering three questions about their opinions on trafficking and Fair Sex. You too can buy a t-shirt… Read more »