Youth, Internet and Fair Sex – do you want to join our focus group?

Anti-trafficking organization RealStars has in recent years visited hundreds of schools to engage young people in our work, and strengthen the values of Fair Sex and against trafficking.

We think sex should be on equal terms, without violence or force, in all situations and for all individuals. The opposite of Fair Sex is prostitution and sexual abuse.

Our next step is to connect with young people online to continue RealStars work on the Internet. We want to learn more about how young people use the internet – a place where many young people meet, share photos and come in contact with new people.

We are looking for 10 participants, age 15-19, who would like to take part in a focus group. The purpose of the focus group is to learn from you. Which pages do you visit the most? How do people act against one another? Is offensive behavior and unwanted attention common?

To ensure that our work for Fair Sex on the Internet is as effective as possible, we want to take part of your experiences and let your voices be heard!

Are you interested? Contact Process Manager Angelica Axelzon on