School visit to Byggtekniskt High School in Kista

On Wednesday of last week, RealStars visited Byggtekniskt High School in Kista. The school focuses a lot on “life skills questions”. Students had previously been visited by other organizations. It was noticeable as they were aware of different concepts and came up with insightful comments.

The first hour of the visit we lectured on trafficking, prostitution and abuse. The discussions that followed focused on how norms in society affect the view on sexuality. We also talked about why people end up in trafficking and prostitution, and their prospects of getting out of it.

The students had played our game, Fair Sex: Nätverket, earlier that morning. We went through two parts of the card game, and talked about the issues that the game raises. Students shared their experiences of hearing stories about people who have experienced sexual exploitation for payment. We talked about Fair Sex and consent. It was an inspiring and rewarding visit to a school that want to give its students valuable knowledge on values, norms and difficult issues that they may face in life.