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A visit to Borgarskolan in Gävle

Last week the process manager of RealStars in Stockholm had the great pleasure to visit Borgarskolan in Gävle for during an entire afternoon hold a lecture and a creative workshop for students in second grade with an image- and graphic communication. The day included many interesting reflections on human trafficking, sex trafficking and prostitution, as… Read more »

“Can’t one just help them?”

During next week the students finish school in Gothenburg, which means that the summer break soon is here. RealStars school visits are finishing for this school year, but we still have a few to do. Yesterday, we visited Sjölins gymnasium in Vasastan.  During the afternoon, we met around 70 students who curiously and interestedly listened… Read more »

Fair Sex t-shirt at Butik Kubik

We are so happy that the RealStars Fair Fucking Sex t-shirt now is available at Butik Kubik. As they describe themselves, Butik Kubik is a small, colourful boutique that sells clothes produced in small scale. They also sell jewellery from independent Swedish designers, many of which are environmentally friendly in different ways. In this context,… Read more »

Intense weeks in Stockholm

The last few weeks have been full of school visits in Stockholm and its surroundings. RealStars have visited S:t Eriksgymnasiet, Kunskapsgymnasiet (The Globe), Grillska Gymnasiet (Uppsala), Rönninge Gymnasiet, Norra Real, Thorildsplansgymnasiet and Didaktus Liljeholmen. At every school, and in every class, we have met students with strong engagement and will to discuss. They were all… Read more »

Break the Chain

On Saturday RealStars participated in Break the Chain, a seminar on prostitution and trafficking at the Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg. The day began with a guided tour of the exhibition Playground, an exhibition about norms and the right to be yourself. Through collected objects from Sweden and Vietnam, stories of prejudice, gender and… Read more »

Myths and perceptions are discussed and knowledge shared – for Fair Sex on a broad front

RealStars visited Praktiska Gymnasiet in Gothenburg this week. The visit involved intensive hours with lots of discussion and many creative and exciting ideas about how we together can make the world a better place. We also talked about the many myths and perceptions that exist around discussions on sex, sexual norms, gender and abuse. There… Read more »

An afternoon filled with knowledge, strategies and methods for Fair Sex

  Our exciting event at Frilagret in Gothenburg on April 23 turned out to be a great success. Around 80 people showed up to listen to interesting lectures and panel discussions, view art and talk about the issues at hand. The topics discussed ranged from internet to young people and Fair Sex – sex on… Read more »

The campaign – The #facesofprostitution – which image is communicated and why?

A blog post on that was published on March 25th – the 25 anniversary of the launch of Pretty Woman – and then was reposted by the Australian site Mamamia, described how young women can be lured into a life of prostitution because owing to the glorified image conveyed in Pretty Woman. The post… Read more »

RealStars visited the upper secondary schools “Jensen” and “Norra Real”

During a week in April, RealStars visited six upper secondary school year 1 and year 2 classes following the Science and Economy programs at Jensen and Norra Real. We discussed human trafficking, sex slavery and Fair Sex in English as a part of the students’ regular education. During the same week RealStars also visited a… Read more »

RealStars participated at Angered high school’s day of equal treatment

RealStars participated at Angered high school’s Day of equal treatment on the 24th of March. The school celebrated 10 years of arranging this day, a very successful day with interesting discussions and meaningful meetings. During this day, all students in their first year of studies at Angered high school had the opportunity to meet different… Read more »