“We can choose to not buy sex”

RealStars has visited Technical High School of Lindholmen in Gothenburg, and met a total of 90 dedicated and interested students. After an introductory lecture, which raised many questions and thoughts, the students got to discuss in groups what they can do to work against trafficking and for Fair Sex. Here are some of the most exciting proposals and thoughts of the class!

One of the most frequently discussed issues was how the students themselves could support the work to stop trafficking.

“Spread information on social media about the effects of trafficking” 2015-09-16 11.09.25-1

“Spread the message about  Fair Sex

“Inform the public about the current situation and that it is not okay to continue as we do”

“Discuss the topic in schools and on workplaces to inform the public about the importance of the question”

“Demonstrate against trafficking”

“Making trafficking illegal in all countries”

“We can choose not to buy sex”

These were just some of the amazing suggestions that were discussed!

Another issue that aroused great commitment was how they, as students at the school, could act make the school a Fair Sex-school – a school that protect everyone’s right to sex on equal terms. On this theme many proposals were discussed, among others:

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“Lecture about Fair Sex”

“You can make posters to put up on the walls”

“Inform and discuss with more classes at the school”

”Everybody can wear a Fair Sex T-shirt

“Bring this up on lectures about sexual knowledge”

“Work with making young people understand the seriousness of the situation”

Other issues discussed were why prostitution is not like “any other profession”, why it is mostly men who buy and women who sell sex, and what it is that is driving demand. In all discussions, the students showed great understanding of the inequalities that exist in society, between for example men and women, and also what makes prostitution, in practice, not like any other profession. A quote that sums up much of the discussion is:

“Because prostitution usually goes hand in hand with coercion and physical violence”

THANKS for very worthwhile and inspiring discussions. You are real stars who contribute greatly in the fight for a world free from sexual slavery.

Psst! Hey you, reader! You can also do what every student at Lindholmen high school did: Sign our petition for a Europe free from trafficking.