Creative Processes!

An important part of RealStars work in high schools is the creative element, and impact. We believe that our youth can make a difference. Through art, film, photography, animation etc. the students have a channel to express themselves and shape their thoughts and ideas surrounding trafficking, the sex trade and fair sex. Throughout the autumn, RealStars Stockholm has made many visits, and these creative projects then continue over a longer period.

At Stillerska filmgymnasiet (Film School) the students are working on a film project that runs for the duration of the term. The project aim is to convey why the demand for sexual exploitation exists and how we can work to discourage and eliminate this demand. These films will be presented in December, and will then be available on our page: Creativity for Fair Sex.

On the other hand, the creative process at Södra Latin runs for just a four-week period. The Ethics class, which has previously produced posters in groups on a range of exciting themes were now given the task to individually create posters presenting how demand drives trafficking and prostitution. These works will then be presented to RealStars at the end of November, and further will also be exhibited at a ceremony for the school’s students and visitors in December. A fantastic initiative by Södra Latin, where the art will be available to a larger audience, and the pupils are given the opportunity of greater impact!

On Thursday 5 November, we also visited Sundbybergs IT-gymnasium (IT High School) and the students there studying Ethics Communication. After a discussion with pupils who were struck by a huge curiosity and engagement in the subject, a creative task was introduced which they will now work on for a three-week period.

We at RealStars are extremely excited and curious to see all the results of these creative projects. You are all stars!