Talk more!! <3 (on the subject)

Recent visits to Marks Gymnasieskola, Lindholmens Tekniska Gymnasium and Cybergymnasiet in Gothenburg have offered intensive discussions, a load of creativity and huge engagement. Those that say that the youth of today are not engaged in society’s questions should really join RealStars out in the schools so we can prove this isn’t the case! High school students are extremely engaged and motivated to contribute in a way that they can.

“To not pay for sex, and to motivate others not to pay for sex” – writes a group of students at Marks gymnasieskola as one of the many suggestions of what they can individually do to stand up against trafficking.

This is just one of many inspiring points that often comes up in the discussion. To consider what one can do as an individual to influence is so important in order to be able to see your own role in society and the ability to make an impact. This allows the students that we meet an understanding that they have the power to spread information, knowledge and make a difference.

To motivate others not to pay for sex is something we can all do by explaining to people in our community what we know is happening throughout the world, Europe and Sweden when it comes to prostitution and trafficking. Talk to your colleague, your friend, your neighbor or your cousin. It does make a difference.

To discuss sex, standards and values is something that so many students highlight as important and central to the discussion: how can we shape a Fair Sex school; a school where the principle that everyone’s right to sex on equal terms is what prevails. “Talk, talk, talk, talk about it!!” states many of the pupils during their discussions. It is so important that these conversations about sex, standards and values are high on the agenda at school; that this conversation can be brought up, and different values and opinions are brought to the surface and discussed openly. All of these students have valuable thoughts, insights and things to say – they just need the time and the forum to say them.

Thank you for these rewarding visits!