RealStars exhibits young artist work at Kortedala Library the 14-28th of November

After the exhibition at Gothenburg’s City Library in coordination with the EUs anti trafficking day, it is not Kortedala Libra’s turn! RealStars continues its work by spreading knowledge bout the modern slavery going on in Europe by showing art created by the youth in Swedens gymnasiums and Folkhögskolor (Community College). The art pieces are part of “Creativity for Fair Sex”, which is a project by the Swedish Inheritance Fund. Between the 14th and 28th of November the works will be displayed at different sports around the library. The exhibition will be combines with a workshop on the 17th of November – hope to see you there!

Together with thousands of young adults all over Sweden, we want to shine a light on the fact that there is a large modern form of slavery at work in Europe today – the commercial sex industry. Both most of all, that we can all do something to change this.

The exhibition is made up pf collages and pictures made by young people from Västra Götaland County and other places in Sweden. This is to highlight the question of 30 million people being subjected to trafficking, where up to 60% is sexual purposes. Our attitudes towards sex, power structures and demands has to do with the fact that the modern forms of slavery continues.

The pictures are part of the “Creativity for fair sex” which is a Swedish Inheritance Fund project initiated by RealStars. RealStars visits schools in the areas around Gothenburg and Stockholm, where we have lectures, creative workshops and engage the students. During the vigour visits, the students get to discuss and reflect around prostitution, sex trafficking at its opposite – Fair sex – sex with the same conditions, as well as what that entails in practice. How does our own and the society’s attitudes towards sex, equality and abuse connect with trafficking? The result is pictures, stories, photographs and films. Let yourselves be inspired by the exhibition!

The work in schools connects with RealStars work towards a Europe free from trafficking where we strive for a Sex Purchase Law on a EU-level. We welcome everyone to sign the petition. When You have done that, spread the message and share on your different social platforms so we can make a difference. The signatures are being sent to EU’s policymakers.

Lecture and creative workshop the 17th of November between 13:00 – 15:00 (1-3 pm). Welcome!

Fair Sex – sex with the same conditions, versus Unfair sex is the theme of a workshop that is going to be directed towards young peoples view of sexual assault, trafficking and prostitution. RealStars welcomes you to a lecture and creative workshop to inspire young people to take a position and create around a theme that leaves no one untouched. You who are between the ages of 14 and 25 are more than welcome to take part.