Report from our work with Fair Sex Schools, lectures and works that make a difference

Realstars are now in the start-up phase of our new project to develop Fair Sex-schools. We are now taking the Fair Sex questions a step further and will cooperate with the first pilot schools create processes for a more sustainable and deepened work on norms and approaches for Fair Sex.

Again the online game, Fair Sex: Network is a tool to start a discussion and develop a plan for how the school can become a Fair Sex-school.

In March we visited schools in Gothenburg, Skövde and Borås and met with engaged students, teachers and principals, and discussed and reflected on how we view and approach these questions. We participated in conferences, held lectures and value exercises and workshops on trafficking, sexual abuse, harassment and norms, as well as discussed the concept of Fair sex and how this can act as a counterweight to sexual abuse and harassment.

At Västerhöjds Gymnasium in Skövde, we met with students who are active in various student groups at the school. They are very dedicated and driven, and saw with great interest the value of approaching these questions from different angles so that these issues become an integral part of their school.
“We work in different ways, and it’s good because, then we can reach more. And these issues are so important that we have to take a stand.”

We work differently, and that is good because that means we can reach more. And these questions are so important, we have to take a stand.

It is a lot of fun and rewarding to meet such motivated students – and to see that they have the full support and confidence of their teachers and principals. Together we can develop these issues and create communities and schools where Fair Sex is a natural part of everyday life.

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