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Response from EU and the next campaign!!

What’s next? 
RealStars are now thinking about HOW we can get even more publicity in the next fair sex campaign! The mission is important – the fair sex issue must be handled until it is fixed (just like Ellinor Person wrote as her response to Three questions). We have started planning the next campaign and… Read more »

”Lumping together” won’t stop sex crime

We have heard it before. How a woman can suffer the most disgusting and horrifying thing. And how the men who commit the acts get off scot-free. The woman is the one who is punished – with the shame. Rape is used as a tool during wars. A bullet wound to the leg or shoulder… Read more »

Voices of artists for Fair Sex

We are happy about the contribution of artist for fair sex. Kasra Alikhani and The New Beauty Council have created an exhibation for fair sex. These pieces were shown at the Röhsska museum, in Gothenberg, on the day for anti-trafficking and during the MR-days at Stockholm´s House of Culture. Now we are happy to present… Read more »

The stars contact EU regarding the anti-trafficking day

On the EU anti-trafficking day, October 18th, RealStars arranged an event at the Röhsska museum. Guests from the business world, administrative authority and culture participated. It gave some insight on the work of the police, the justice system and the county administrative board, followed by an interesting discussion of how companies can do good and… Read more »

The Swedish Institute puts focus on the sex buyer

Who pays for sex? I have asked it myself and discussed it with my friend. – A man with a white mesh shirt and an unbearable stench of alcohol. A filthy guy who don’t get laid, a friend jokes. Maybe that ”humorous” character is an exaggerated caricature of how people think the “typical sex buyer”… Read more »

Welcome to Röhsska on anti-trafficking day!

LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX. FAIR SEX! We are getting close to the highpoint of the campaign Make Fair Sex Real. Welcome to Röhsska to create awareness of EU’s anti-trafficking day with chat talks, art and music, The Naima Train. AND most important of all! All signatures from the campaign will be sent to decision-makers in… Read more »

Nonstop – a Fair Sex film

Here you have Nonstp in Malmö/Lund who created this film for RealStars. Hope you’ll like it: Directors: Tim Chronström, Alexander Wiebelt, Sebastian Oscarsson Editing: Tim Chronström Music: Alexander Wiebelt, Sebastian Oscarsson

First visit to Amsterdam…

We welcome Tim Chronström as our guest-blogger. Tim is 18 and studies journalism and film at Sound & Image school in Lund. He has worked as a trainee at Sydsvenskan and Sveriges Radio P3. He was there when the organization Nonstp, as a cultural initiative, started. We will soon upload a film which Nonstp has… Read more »

Social innovation – SOCAP11

It was one of those conferences which just felt like WOW, in tune with the times. Social Innovation! Stock Market Crash, EU-crisis and I find myself in San Francisco at SOCAP11 in early September – a new movement starts to take shape! The theme is Impact Investing or as SOCAP themselves describe it – combining… Read more »

The most popular boy in school

Today, Tina Bergqvist from Helsingborg, will continue dealing with the topic of fair sex – or rather focus on occasions when it’s lacking. Tina has a journalism background and has decided to move back to her hometown, Helsingborg, to study International relations. I remember when I was in sixth grade. The most popular guy in… Read more »