”A real issue which must be taken seriously” – the campaign is reviewed

Yes, the human trade issue is important. Those of you who signed Make Fair Sex Real and filled in a form where the Fair Sex-campaign is reviewed think so. Some of you even thought the state/politicians wouldn’t do to make a change.
We present the result which gives us valuable thoughts regarding the future (responses from 44 people, most between the ages of 15-25 and most women). Big thanks to Erika Bjernhagen Börkén who did the review! Also thanks to those who took their time to answer in December – in the middle of the Christmas rush.

The campaign & message
Most people learned about the campaign through social networks or “other ways”. That could mean that the campaign has been made known in different ways such as ”word-of-mouth”. It’s very positive that 47% said they had done something to spread the message. Through verbal discussions, social networks or email.
The majority of those who responded thought the message was clear. 80% thought the message was worth a four or a five, on a grade of one to five.
Several people suggested that RealStars could use Facebook more in the campaign. Making competitions and more updates. We will do that with your help to increase awareness of us and make more people interested.


About 40 % would consider joining RealStars. Just as many were inquisitive and answered “maybe”, meaning we must give more information about what membership in RealStars means.
In all honesty – we kind of lost the part with memberships during the 2011 campaign. We will put more focus on it during 2012.
We want to have many members, people who can join us and make a difference. Democracy is strong in the group and as a member you are invited to the annual meeting. There is also a web link to the assignment of the organization. You can find it under the headline ”Get involved”. I like to point out what’s absolutely the most important thing to help with is stopping trafficking. To act and spread the message!
Those of you who want to be ”among the first this year” make sure you do your bank matters, pay the member’s fee of 106 crowns to RealStars’ account: 754-0578. Note ”Membership”. Also send an e-mail with name, address and what municipality you live in. Those who want to give more can donate 600 crowns (this includes companies). The trafficking issue needs money, much money and more attention! As a member you help to prevent trafficking in Europe.
To conclude, share your ideas of the forming of the next campaign. Thanks to all of you who send us tips!

Malin for RealStars