Response from EU and the next campaign!!

What’s next? 
RealStars are now thinking about HOW we can get even more publicity in the next fair sex campaign! The mission is important – the fair sex issue must be handled until it is fixed (just like Ellinor Person wrote as her response to Three questions).

We have started planning the next campaign and are also making an evaluation in which many of you probably already have contributed. Thanks to all of you who contribute and to Erika Bjernhagen who works with the evaluation.

I think creating and following through with the campaign Make Fair Sex Real is a great accomplishment, (over 1200 voices supporting fair sex/signed campaign letters). It’s a unique achievement. We were perhaps the sole organization who made it possible for regular people to directly affect all EU member-states.

Getting a response from EU-commissioner Cecilia Malmström, was expected and important. It was established that our proposal (and the origin of the campaign) goes further than what was decided in the new EU directive regarding criminalization of buying sex from trafficking victims (something most people think is already illegal and punishable today). The new directive which we wrote about in the last blog-post states that the countries will consider this type of criminalization.

From the EU’s response it seems the work will be pursued in 2016. This is obviously a good thing but not enough. It will probably not reduce the amount of victims of trafficking in the coming years. To get results we need to deal with the problems; demand and corruption.

We are worried about the development in Europe as it has the highest amount of sex slaves per inhabitants in the world.

What sort of consequences does the directive bring to the victims who are abused at the numberless brothels in the big cities of Europe and other highly populated places, so called hubs?

We wonder what kinds of tools the police will utilize in order to protect victims of human trafficking, for example in Berlin or Amsterdam. How will things be different for young people (boys, girls) who are sold at marketplaces for sex trade in EU-countries? The police in Sweden talks about how the law gives a possibility for them to act where they previously haven’t been able to.

We have pointed out a great flaw in EU’s human trafficking directive. The next campaign will be an important step to enlighten and getting the EU countries going in the right direction

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Answers from EU EU commissioner Cecilia Malmström.

Malin Roux for RealStars