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The Body Shop against human trafficking of children and young people

In June 2010, The Body Shop started their biggest campaign so far. In cooperation with ECPAT, the campaign “Stop sex trafficking of children and young people” was started as a petition, and means of making the government realise the seriousness of sex trafficking of children and young people. They demand that the government: 1. Take… Read more »

“When it comes to money – women and children are still considered as goods.”

During last Tuesday RealStars were present at an inspiring breakfast lecture with Amelia Adamo, a journalist and entrepreneur, which was arranged by the Chalmers (the University of Gothenburg) and Connect Väst. We asked this Swedish newspaper queen Three Questions and she conveyed great experience through her answers. What makes you happy? The feeling of selling… Read more »

Fair Faces

As we have written before, there are sadly many ways girls and women can get in trouble due to their gender. Trafficking is the worst kind of abuse, but unfair sex is ubiquitous. It exists in many trades and all around Sweden and the world. Owning your own body is one of the most important… Read more »

RealStars i Göteborgs-Posten

We hope you didn’t miss reading GP Debate on International Women’s Day on Thursday? RealStars and Thomas Ahlstrand, prosecutor at the International Prosecution Office in Gothenburg: Svensk sexlagstiftning en förebild för Europa

For Fair Sex – the campaign is here!

Europe and sex is in focus. Or, rather the opposite of Fair Sex being Unfair sex. . Sex trafficking and and sex trade is now a bigger problem than any of us could ever have imagined, which is highlighted by our For Fair Sex-campaign. The campaign highlights the fact that Europe has the highest number… Read more »

“Every time sex buyers pay for sex, they give money which supports organized crimes”

Per Ottosson, Chief Inspector (kommissarie) and Head of Unit (enhetschef) at the County Bureau of Investigation (Länskriminalpolisen) says this to Metro regarding the trials of the six Romanian men who are suspected of smuggling and selling at least 15 women for sexual purposes in Gothenburg. The Gothenburg case makes it evident how extremely lucrative the… Read more »

The 2012 Campaign For Fair Sex

The planning and creation of this year’s campaign is in progress. The campaign will be launched on the International Women’s Day, March 8th. It will continue until the Anti-trafficking Day on October 18th. This year we will have more voices supporting Fair Sex than ever! The campaign will be online. Those of you who want… Read more »

RealStars at Angeredsgymnasiet

Angeredsgymnasiet had a equal treatment day last Tuesday. Different organizations had lectures about issues which involves and affects. RealStars was visiting one of the classrooms. Trafficking and prostitution: Many people have opinions, thoughts and feelings when it comes to those matters. The students find discussing sex and abuse to be interesting, shocking and important. During… Read more »

Miniseries: The underworld of the fashion industry

RealStars present the first part of a four part miniseries. It’s made by fashion expert and freelancer Marina Milojkovic. The fashion industry often symbolizes progress, luxury and glamour. But you can also find addiction, unhealthy beauty-ideals, even prostitution and sexual assault. Writer and feminist Sheila Jeffrey says there is a link between the fashion industry… Read more »

Germany takes a step in the right direction

Svenska Dagbladet wrote on February 4th this year that the police and scientists among others wants a review of the German prostitution legislation. Axel Dreher, professor at Heidelberg University, estimates the German sex trade is 60 times larger than in countries where it’s prohibited, such as Sweden. Critics describe Germany as ”The biggest brothel in… Read more »