Meet the artists – work in the light of Fair Sex at Lagerhuset September 6

Art for Fair Sex at Lagerhuset is drawing near. Here is the initial insight from two of the artists about their works and Fair Sex.

Ann-Pia Azizuddin

“Fair Sex to me, can be the sensual expression found in dance. Drawing Martina while she dances flamenco is life-affirming, full of passion, joy and a total attention There is no stronger expression for natural and true exuberance.”

Mathilda Frykberg

“The work is one book in a series of five. All are written with the theme of Fair Sex, with honesty and relaxation as the counters to sex trafficking. They are all meant to be read aloud, preferably as a bedtime story for someone you like. We shall always speak with love and care and not violence and constraint. Rise together: Make Fair Sex Real.”

See you at Lagerhuset September 6th 18.00. Welcome!

/Amanda and Malin for RealStars