Next event September 6th – Art for Fair Sex

During spring we worked with some artists. We are now happy to soon have a unique exhibition at an event in Lagerhuset.

The artists contribute with one work each problematizing under the motto of Fair Sex.

Matilda Frykberg

Ann-Pia Azizuddin

Mette Johansen

Martina Jakobsson

Minka Jakerson

Indiekören (The Indie Choir)
will make an appearance during the evening which reflects the theme. We will also view a montage of pictures from students of the Schillerska gymnasiet’s arts program. Writer Réal Laplaine talks about his new book SEE ME NOT – Human Trafficking in the Raw.

All of it is of course a part of our campaign ”For Fair Sex – Against Trafficking”. Everyone can sign here!

Stay informed!

Amanda och Malin for Realstars