First visit to Amsterdam…

We welcome Tim Chronström as our guest-blogger. Tim is 18 and studies journalism and film at Sound & Image school in Lund. He has worked as a trainee at Sydsvenskan and Sveriges Radio P3. He was there when the organization Nonstp, as a cultural initiative, started. We will soon upload a film which Nonstp has produced for RealStars.

I read an interview of a pornographic actress. She stated with how boring “normal” sexual intercourse was to her, the man being the same boyfriend day after day. She said that her sex-life reached the skies when filming with different men, objects and directors.

I recently visited Amsterdam for the first time. When I walked around in the notorious red light districts I was first saddened by the lives of these half-naked girls’. Then my thoughts went to the goal of sex, pleasure. Pleasure is decided by both partners and their consent to what should happen.

At the corner of one of the houses I spotted an older man with his coat under his arm while straightening his belt. Like a story I saw his entire destiny. He could quite possibly have been thrown out by his wife and now lived with a broken dream and without his kids. When I walked past the display windows I felt they were superior compared to me. It’s like they were mermaids trying to attract me and charm the shy teenager in me. They awakened a great feeling of self-comfort as opposed to what I felt before. I shouldn’t feel sorry for them. It’s the divorced man and the lost teenager whom they lure money off I should feel sorry for.

But I finally realized that the real man from my story could have been a bastard.
Those men who in my book are idiots, who sit at outdoor-restaurants while loudly boasting how many whores they’ve fucked. They don’t seem to know more than how their balls feel. They don’t think about how many of the girls who really want it. A question we have asked for over 3000 years but will never know the answer to. Prostitution is the oldest “profession” in the world. The buyer or customer or simply the “user” has total domination over the vulnerable woman.

This means that you can never defend prostitution. Sure, you can propagate, there are some who say there are men and women who enjoy the switching of sex-partners. But there are probably always more often men who take advantage of this legal gap to earn easy money to their ruthless advantage.

They can be tempted to get high by drinking, taking drugs, being star struck or most common of all: MONEY! Money is sadly enough everything and therefore it dominates. I believe, from my own romantic view that sex is mostly about love and feelings for someone close to you. Let’s fight for this view, so the situation today where intercourse, similar to a “global bribe scandal”, with many profiteering on intercourse, will end as the crap it really is.

Tim Chronström