Ord har betydelse!

Ord har betydelse! Fjolårets kartläggning av prostitution och människohandel genomförd av Jämställdhetsmyndigheten innefattar begreppet “sex mot ersättning”. Dessutom användes ord som “köpare” och “säljare” för förövare respektive personer som utnyttjades i prostitution. Detta underminerar den utsatthet som ett liv i prostitution så ofta präglas av. Realstars har länge varit en organisation som har uppmärksammat hur… Read more »

Pleasure – New Swedish feature film about the porn industry

A new Swedish feature film about the porn industry has received massive international attention and was shown at Gothenburg Film Festival last week. The director, Ninja Thyberg, has studied the porn industry closely in California for six years, and the result is a very realistic and detailed depiction. Realstars hope that the film can contribute… Read more »

New report on the human trafficking industries giant costs and suffering within the EU

New report on the human trafficking industries giant costs and suffering within the EU  All of those working against prostitution and trafficking are faced with a reality that is difficult to comprehend. Due to trauma and injuries, the process back to a normal life without exploitation is often long. A question asked by many is… Read more »

Växtkraft Thai is set to strenghten the Thai massage industry and prevent sex purchases

Realstars has launched a project funded by the Swedish Inheritance Fund to improve the possibilities of a better work environment together with the massage industry, public authorities and other organisations.  The massage industry and in particular Thai massage salons are one of the most insecure environments that present a risk for sexual exploitation in Sweden… Read more »

Thank you all! Hyrflickvän has successfully reached out – an injection to stop sexual exploitation in Sweden

It has probably not escaped anyone that Realstars and Child10 foundation during October and November have driven a campaign against sex purchases under the name Hyrflickvän (Rent a girlfirend). It was launched on the 13th of October and was set up as a fake sugar dating website which we spread through sponsored ads and flyers… Read more »

RealStars’ campaign 2020

How can men get other men to stop purchasing sex? Last fall we asked that question to advertising students, who were given the task to create ads about prostitution. RealStars are now launching a campaign with those ads, and we believe and hope that it will make a difference.  Due to Paolo Roberto’s publicized sex… Read more »

Three men are letting a plate of pasta rot, in order to collect money to RealStars

The sex purchase by Paolo Roberto has led to the media and private individuals giving attention to prostitution and trafficking. Three friends discussed what had happened during a dinner and felt that they wanted to make a difference. – More men must dare to take a stand, says Sebastian Höglund, one of the men behind… Read more »