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When people say that women choose this life, I feel an urge to laugh. Do they know how many women like me that have tried to escape, but have been beaten senseless when they’re caught? TO THE MEN THAT BUY US, we are nothing more then meat. To everyone else in society, we simply do… Read more »


Kolab doesn’t know who her real parents are. She was allowed to go to school until year five, but horrible conditions caused a situation that forced her into selling drugs and sex at a karaoke bar. Kolab is born in 1991 and grew up on a farm in Cambodia. On the farm, she was treated… Read more »

Porn, prostitution and trafficking

Pornography is being consumed by younger and younger people and has more aggressive content today than previously. England has responded with a new law. RealStars considers pornography’s link to prostitution and trafficking. People don’t speak about pornography, but you see it as soon as you turn on the computer. Pornography today is different to the… Read more »


This is the story about Alma from the Philippines. In 1984, Alma lived under the name “Pearly” in Olongapo City which was a flourishing American military base. There she worked as a waitress when one day an American soldier started to take interest in her. The soldier talked to the bar manager about paying for… Read more »

SPACE International – an organisation established for and by survivors of prostitution

SPACE International (Survivors of Prostitution-Abuse Calling for Enlightenment) was founded by a group of sex trafficking survivors. They are now working to end global human trafficking once and for all. The goal of the organisation is to inform the public about the violence and abuse that always come with prostitution, but also to advocate to governments… Read more »

Survey of the Swedish Sex-purchase market on the Internet: Part 2

The most common way to buy sex today is through the internet. Most people have access to a computer, which means that anyone can buy sex at anytime. Everywhere in the world sex purchases are carried out and the contact is established on the internet. But how is the sex purchase really carried out on… Read more »

Prostitution and trafficking exploit the weak and vulnerable

Paying in order to carry out abuse and sexual violence is part the form of exploitation that is prostitution. ”Slavery still exists, but now it applies only to women and its name is prostitution”. These are the words of the perceptive 19th century author Victor Hugo. November 12 saw the gathering of several anti-trafficking organisations… Read more »

Mapping the Swedish Internet sex market: Part 1

Realstars has conducted a survey of the Swedish Internet sex market. It is a cynical market where bodies are treated like commodities. This survey is presented in a series of articles. Part 1 is presented below. What is the extent of the Swedish Internet sex market? According to information from the Police, between 200 and… Read more »

Sweden does not protect children who are abused by prostitution

The Swedish series of documentaries called Kalla Fakta (Cold Facts) aired a program on November 4 in which they examined the prostitution of children in Sweden. The Swedish model and the legislation that bans the purchase of sexual services has been a role model for many countries. However, in the program many deficiencies where identified… Read more »