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None of your business?

Companies’ responsibility in the matter of prostitution and trafficking is upcoming, contrarily to the title of this important seminar “None of your business?” At the Clarion Hotel in Stockholm companies and other parties gathered in late March in the interest of learning more about ethical guidelines against the sex trade and sexual exploitation. Swedish Women’s… Read more »

Should the Sex Trade Law be decriminalized?: Part 2

In part one we started discussing CFU’s proposal to completely decriminalize prostitution. And CFU are not alone in their mindset. In the article ”Tearing up the Sex Trade Law is the only sane thing to do (Att riva upp sexköpslagen är det enda vettiga)” Louise Persson is has some doubts about the Sex Trade Law…. Read more »

The great trafficking affair in Gothenburg

Sentence was passed at Hovrätten in western Sweden September 21 last year. It was a trial for a large prostitution affair. It’s a vast sentencing which is based on the one from the Local Court in May. There were a large amount of young Romanian women involved and six Romanian men on trial. The testimony of the… Read more »

Should the Sex Purchase Act be decriminalised? Part 1

In 1999, Sweden was the first country to introduce a sex purchasing law that made it illegal to buy sexual services, but not to sell them. Other countries, such as Iceland and Norway have followed Sweden’s approach. The United Kingdom also has similar legislation. Even though prostitution is legal, the buyer can be charged if… Read more »