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Same fight, different opponents in Mexico, Australia and Sweden

Real Stars publishes this thoughtful text, that provides insight into the struggle against prostitution, by Kajsa Ekis Ekman, debater and author of the book “Being and Goods.” She has met Lydia Cacho from Mexico, who is constantly subjected to death threats for exposing the abuse of women and children. Both met in Australia. Debating prostitution… Read more »

Perspectives on purchasing sex – A study based on five young men’s descriptions of their own experiences

RealStars participated in the Nordic Forum that was held in Malmo on 12-15 June 2014. At the Nordic Forum, sociology students Bianca Hallas and Love Rosendal presented a paper entitled ‘Perspectives on Purchasing Sex’ that is based on five interviews with young sex purchasers. Two main themes emerged from the young men’s descriptions: ‘The Advantages… Read more »

Norway’s Sex Trade Law evaluated

Four years after passing a Sex Trade Law, Norway has begun evaluating its efficacy. The results are striking and positive and appear to indicate a significant reduction in the demand for prostitutes. The Norwegian legislation against buying sex went active January 1 of 2009 – the reason being that the then current Norwegian Government wanted… Read more »

Hotel Flora is the first Fair Sex-hotel

Fair sex hotell

The family owned Hotel Flora is located at Grönsakstorget in Gothenburg. The hotel becomes the first in the country with the clear slogan: ”This is a Fair Sex hotel”. The Fair Sex slogan is produced by RealStars and is an indicator of the fact that this hotel actively works against sex trade and trafficking. The… Read more »

German Ship Brothel in Almedalen

During this week, RealStars is on location at Almedalen, protesting the German ship brothel Lust Yacht in order to encourage more people to take action for an enforced legislation against sex trade. Lust Yacht is a German ship brothel advertising that the best party in Almedalen is found beyond Swedish borders. All over Almedalen we’ve… Read more »

Sexual Exploitation: a growing menace

Sexual exploitation: a growing menace is an annual report on development and trends regarding sexual exploitation during 2012. The report was produced by Fondation Scelles, a French organisation founded by Jean and Jeannes Scelles in 1994. This report is part of the organisations effort to create an awareness regarding prostitution and trafficking among politicians, but… Read more »

A letter to all who purchase sex!

Tanja, who has first-hand experience from prostitution, writes a direct letter to all who purchase sexual services. It is personal, analytical and clear. She dispels all myths about there being any form of mutuality during a purchase of sexual services; a telling quote demonstrates the opposite: “When you came to me to reinforce your masculinity… Read more »