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We are now launching the film My First Time

Of course, RealStars wants to note that tomorrow is International Woman’s day. This is a day to highlight the oppression and discrimination against women and girls that still exist around the world. On the 8th of March 2015 we want to pay attention to the sexual slavery that millions of women and girls are subjected… Read more »

Three questions to Magnus Rosén during Meg 2015

Another person we bumped into during the day of Marketing Managers and Meg fair was the bass player of Hammerfall, Magnus Rosén, in connection with Friskonomen. Here is how he responded to our three questions:  What makes you happy? Love, consideration in both ways, understanding and respect for each other. What would you do to… Read more »

“How come men buy women?”

We have visited Hvitfeldtska gymnasiet in Gothenburg three times the past week. Along with 90, 18-yearolds we have discussed some of our time’s biggest problems; Human slavery, sex-trade and the growing prostitution in Europe. At one occasion we discussed a lot about laws, what actually happens when a trafficker cons and forces women and children… Read more »

Festival during the 2015 World Skiing Championships in Falun – the dark side of the sex trade

Last night Swedish TV4 news featured the increased incidence of prostitution and probable sex trafficking in Falun during the festivities around the 2015 World Skiing Championships. The police and authorities have tried with the help of the tourism industry and the public’s help to tackle problems in a proactive manner. However, they still face criticism… Read more »

Questions to the Rescue Mission

The Gothenburg Rescue Mission aim is to recognize and counter the social conditions that lead to and exacerbate vulnerability and exclusion. They work on a broad basis with the vision that “every person has the right to a dignified life.” We asked a few questions to the Rescue Mission and here are the answers. You… Read more »

Kajsa Wahlberg speaks about the impact of the Sex Purchase Act

Following the debate initiated by the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (Riksförbundet för Sexuell Upplysning – RFSU) on the impact of the Swedish Sex Purchase Act’s, we emailed Kajsa Wahlberg, a detective at the National Police and National Rapporteur on Human Trafficking. We wanted to hear directly from her about how the Police see the… Read more »


When people say that women choose this life, I feel an urge to laugh. Do they know how many women like me that have tried to escape, but have been beaten senseless when they’re caught? TO THE MEN THAT BUY US, we are nothing more then meat. To everyone else in society, we simply do… Read more »

Porn, prostitution and trafficking

Pornography is being consumed by younger and younger people and has more aggressive content today than previously. England has responded with a new law. RealStars considers pornography’s link to prostitution and trafficking. People don’t speak about pornography, but you see it as soon as you turn on the computer. Pornography today is different to the… Read more »


This is the story about Alma from the Philippines. In 1984, Alma lived under the name “Pearly” in Olongapo City which was a flourishing American military base. There she worked as a waitress when one day an American soldier started to take interest in her. The soldier talked to the bar manager about paying for… Read more »