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A letter to all who purchase sex!

Tanja, who has first-hand experience from prostitution, writes a direct letter to all who purchase sexual services. It is personal, analytical and clear. She dispels all myths about there being any form of mutuality during a purchase of sexual services; a telling quote demonstrates the opposite: “When you came to me to reinforce your masculinity… Read more »

France one step closer to Sex Purchase Act

Politicians in the National Assembly have accepted aspects of the proposals to criminalise the sex buyer if the legislation is passed. The Swedish Sex Purchase Act is the inspiration for the proposal. The lower house is now set to consider the proposed act on Wednesday. According to the proposal buying sex will be punishable by… Read more »

Beetroot – an IT firm that supports RealStars

Beetroot Resources is a Swedish IT firm based in Ukraine and Moldavia, that has chosen to support RealStars’ work against trafficking. “We operate in two countries that are very exposed as recruitment nations for sex trade and trafficking and being so close to the rugged reality of it, we feel that we want to actively… Read more »

The commitment that makes a difference – Dreamgrupp in cooperation with Beginning of Life (BoL)

Not so long ago we came in contact with Mia Börjesson, who works as a supervisor and is also the source of inspiration for various projects relating to health promotion in the field of psychosocial work, with a focus on children and teenagers. As many of you already know, we at Realstars believe that it… Read more »

Realstars in national media – Aktuellts Utblick 21st of November

All of you who have followed us since Realstars started its journey in 2010 know that we have always had great ambitions and that we are working towards making Europe free from trafficking. Last week can be seen as a milestone for us when I, the founder of this organisation, was asked to appear on… Read more »

Part 2 – The Significance of the Prohibition of Purchase of Sexual Services

“Men who purchase sex 2013” was the theme for this year’s event leading up to the anti-trafficking day. In order to summarize the evening we will post a mini-series on what was discussed, and what some of the conclusions were. This post will address the Swedish penal provision “the prohibition if purchase of sexual services”… Read more »

Proposed law creates strong feelings in France

During autumn the French parliament has been working on a proposed new law which, like the Swedish Sex Purchase Act, aims to criminalise sexual services purchase. The proposed law that hopefully will apply from next year has aroused strong feelings among some French men. The French weekly magazine Causeur has created a debate with its… Read more »

Cold Facts – youth perspectives on sex and the sex trade

According to Cold Facts, youths are purchasing sex at an unmeasured rate; this is even though purchasing sexual services has been illegal for 14 years. Cold Facts documentary which aired on November 3rd 2013 called “Young, attractive and John” is about seemingly normal young men at the age of 18 to 25 who thinks it… Read more »

Men who buy sex

Men who buy sex 2013 was the theme for this year’s event at the Anti-trafficking Day. In order to sum up the event we will publish a miniseries about our discussions and conclusions made. Today’s article discusses who the sex buyers are. Is there anything that distinguishes them or are all men potential Johns? Part… Read more »