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Bild från Equality Now

When people say that women choose this life, I feel an urge to laugh. Do they know how many women like me that have tried to escape, but have been beaten senseless when they’re caught? TO THE MEN THAT BUY US, we are nothing more then meat. To everyone else in society, we simply do not exist.

Ayesha from India was 13 years old when she was lured away from her family by an older man and then sold to a brothel. During her first month at the brothel she was raped several times every night, to make her used to the work she was supposed to perform. After the initial period, Ayesha was sold to men for money. She could have as many as ten to twelve customers per night. Most times, men were treating her in an extremely offensive way, like they owned her body. When Ayesha one night tried to save another girl from being gang raped, her throat was cut with a knife. This is just one of the scars she has to live with for the rest of her life.

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