Inspirerande kväll med Tomas Sjödin på Clarion Hotel Post

Under måndagskvällen den 25:e januari samlades 700 människor på Clarion Hotel Post i Göteborg för att lyssna till Tomas Sjödin, författare, krönikör och uppskattad föreläsare som berör med sina berättelser. Realstars är jätteglada att vi tillsammans med räddningsmissionen var välgörenhetsorganisationer för eventet. På plats fanns även Smyrna Symfoniorkester som bjöd på klassisk musik och inledningsvis höll… Read more »

Pubs for fair 6 – Campaign in Stockholm

2015-10-25 17.57.51

On the EU anti trafficking day on October 18th, RealStars launched a cooperation with around ten pubs in Stockholm. In total, RealStars distributed about 6000 specially designed beer coasters with facts about trafficking, prostitution, and sex purchases to the pubs that had chosen to take part. During the campaign, the pubs acknowledged RealStars work and… Read more »

EUs nionde anti-traffickingdag i Bryssel


För att markera årets anti-traffickingdag, den nionde i ordningen, samlades politiker, organisationer och experter från EUs medlemsländer för ett späckat program den 20 oktober. EUs traffickingdirektiv utgör grunden för EU. ”EU 2011/36/EU on preventing and combating trafficking in human beings towards eradiction”. Rubriken för konferensen signalerar handling när direktivet funnits sedan 2011 med tillhörande strategi… Read more »

“There can´t be anyone who wants this to exist?!”


The visits in Västra Götaland continues at a rapid pace. In recent weeks we have accomplished several visits to Marks secondary school, Alströmergymnasiet in Alingsås, Lindholmens Technical Highschool and Katrinelundsgymnasiet. Discussions of how it looks have been intense and many students find it difficult to understand how there can be people who support the commercial… Read more »

The story of Emina’s internship

2015-10-12 08.49.18

Hi, My name is Emina Hadzic and I’m an intern at RealStars. I’m studying my master in human rights at University of Gothenburg. I chose to do my internship at RealStars because I was curious to know how a nonprofit organization is working toward a crime that occurs both within national and international borders. At… Read more »

Realstars participated in seminar about human trafficking and prostitution from a global, national and local perspective

osynlig synlig verklighet

On Friday, October 16th, Realstars visited ”Demokratisoppa” (Democratic soup) Jönköping. Demokratisopppa is a concept in which citizens can listen to and participate in interesting and inspiring conversations about democracy, while having soup for lunch. This time the theme was human trafficking and prostitution. Realstars were very happy to be there. Together with Madeleine Söderberg and… Read more »

Conference about the sex trade in Sweden

During Monday October 12th, RealStars participated in a conference about the sex trade in Sweden, arranged by the nonprofit organization “Talita”. The day presented a busy schedule with many prominent speakers such as Beatrice Ask, Simon Häggström, Caroline Engvall and Björn Sellström. In the text below follows a few trends we observed during the day…. Read more »

Realstars’ display at the public library in Gothenburg – October 18th and 2 weeks forward!

Viktor Hermanson

What kind of society do we want? How do we diminish the demand for sexual services – the root cause of trafficking? In Europe the purchaser of sexual services is protected by liberal legislation and few victims of trafficking are being rescued. For the fifth year in a row, Realstars are raising awareness during the… Read more »

Realstars <3 Community Colleges


During the last few weeks RealStars has visited three different community colleges in the region of Västra Götaland, Sweden. Participants at the Dalslands, Fristads and Varas community colleges have held intense discussions, and taken a stand in several creative manners for a world free from sex trafficking and for Fair Sex. Check out both Facebook… Read more »