RealStars collaborates with cafés, restaurants and shops in Stockholm


RealStars has recently initiated multiple collaborations with movements in Stockholm, and they are constantly evolving. The collaborations constitute financial support for RealStars’ work, but first and foremost a chance to bring the problematic nature of trafficking to light and give more people the opportunity to take a stand for Fair Sex. At Ecoist Butik och… Read more »

Competence Day for Hotel and Tourism Industry – how we can counteract prostitution and trafficking


In mid April, close to 40 representatives for the hotel and tourism industry gathered at Clarion Hotel Post, to jointly strengthen the work to make sex purchase and trafficking difficult to pursue in the industry. Prostitution occurs in different arenas, and hotels are one of them. RealStars is seeing the work progressing, and the campaign… Read more »

Young, internet and Fair Sex – do you want to join our focus group?

Anti-trafficking organization RealStars has in recent years visited hundreds of schools to engage young people in our work, and strengthen the values of Fair Sex and against trafficking. We think sex should be on equal terms, without violence or force, in all situations and for all individuals. The opposite of Fair Sex is prostitution and… Read more »

Three questions for Rickard Söderberg

Opera singer Rickard Söderberg was happy to answer our three questions: 1. What do you think is important in life? The most important this in life is love. Love for yourself. Love for others. Both giving and receiving love. Because when we are surrounded by warmth and love, we become strong and are able to… Read more »

Gothenburg unified against prostitution

Från den avslutande manifestationen på Drottningtorget.

The conference day “Commodity Human” was held at Clarion Post Hotel on Friday. RealStars has had a good collaboration with the hotel for a while and we are happy that Clarion keeps on being open for bigger collaborations. A couple of different participants gathered to shine a light on the question of human trafficking and prostitution… Read more »