Prayers for the Stolen – a captivating and poetic story

Realstar’s guest blogger Robert Schenck has reviewed the book A prayer for the stolen (2015) about young women in Mexico who live under constant threat of violence, and to be forced into the terrible sex trade. ”Do read this well-written and educative novel but brace yourself for some painful reading.”  Schenck writes. Prayers for the Stolen is not only… Read more »

Who accepts responsibility for the sales of teenage bodies online & IRL? RealStars in Almedalen


During Almedalsveckan, RealStars arranged the seminar “Who accepts responsibility for the sales of teenage bodies online & IRL?” Malin Roux Johansson, RealStars, Madeleine Sundell, Frälsningsarmén, Julia Östfeldt, Föreningen Tillsammans, and Rebecka Eriksson, Fryshuset, took part in the panel discussions. The seminar was initiated with a short presentation of RealStars, where the founder Malin Roux Johansson… Read more »

Realstars och Taxi Göteborg tar ställning mot prostitution och trafficking under Volvo Ocean Race

Realstars coh Taxi Göteborg i samarbete_g

I samband med Volvo Ocean Race, ett av sommarens stora event, inleds ett nytt samarbete mellan Realstars och Taxi Göteborg. Det är ett resultat av satsningen ”Innovation mot trafficking” med visionen om en traffickingfri besöksnäring för eventstaden Göteborg. Ett 40-tal aktörer från Västsvensk besöksnäring har under våren varit delaktiga i rundabordsmöten för att gemensamt ta… Read more »

#wedontbuyit, new legislation in Northern Ireland and End Demand Now in Scotland

Things are changing on the British Islands. The #wedontbuyit campaign in Ireland and Northern Ireland, new sex purchase legislation and, only yesterday, a new anti-prostitution campaign in Scotland. A campaign by the name #wedontbuyit  has been growing strong in the British Islands during the spring. With slogans such as “Prostitution we don’t buy it” and “most… Read more »

”It is 8 % too many”

2015-06-01 10.33.32

This week we visited the athletics school Prolympia in West Gothenburg. Everyone in eighth class have the theme sex and coexistence the whole week. A fantastic initiative, we think, and we were very happy to be able to be there during two whole days and meet four different classes. The visits included exciting discussions and… Read more »

Jenny and Olivia answers three questions

ffs__DSC1390 1-fb

Jenny and Olivia contacted RealStars because they, like us, want to spread the Fair Sex message through fashion. They have used the Fair Sex t-shirts and taken amazing photos as you can see below. They also agreed upon answering three questions about their opinions on trafficking and Fair Sex. You too can buy a t-shirt… Read more »

A visit to Borgarskolan in Gävle

Maximilia Hollinder, Borgarskolan Gävle, ES13M

Last week the process manager of RealStars in Stockholm had the great pleasure to visit Borgarskolan in Gävle for during an entire afternoon hold a lecture and a creative workshop for students in second grade with an image- and graphic communication. The day included many interesting reflections on human trafficking, sex trafficking and prostitution, as… Read more »