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Norway’s Sex Trade Law evaluated

Four years after passing a Sex Trade Law, Norway has begun evaluating its efficacy. The results are striking and positive and appear to indicate a significant reduction in the demand for prostitutes. The Norwegian legislation against buying sex went active January 1 of 2009 – the reason being that the then current Norwegian Government wanted… Read more »

Heart for People On Street: ”We want them to see that someone cares about them”

Realstars wishes to show some initiatives to stop trafficking. We can make a difference together – we have all our own part to play in protecting people at risk and to stand up for human rights. We met Andrea Abrahansson, team leader for Heart for People On Street who tells us about some incredibly important… Read more »

Hotel Flora is the first Fair Sex-hotel

Fair sex hotell

The family owned Hotel Flora is located at Grönsakstorget in Gothenburg. The hotel becomes the first in the country with the clear slogan: ”This is a Fair Sex hotel”. The Fair Sex slogan is produced by RealStars and is an indicator of the fact that this hotel actively works against sex trade and trafficking. The… Read more »

German Ship Brothel in Almedalen

During this week, RealStars is on location at Almedalen, protesting the German ship brothel Lust Yacht in order to encourage more people to take action for an enforced legislation against sex trade. Lust Yacht is a German ship brothel advertising that the best party in Almedalen is found beyond Swedish borders. All over Almedalen we’ve… Read more »

EU Parliament Vote: FEMM report on prostitution.

This week, the European Parliament will cast their vote on demanding that EU member states consider criminalizing sex purchases. This comes after a report by Mary Honeyball (Great Britain), Honeyball is a member of FEMM (Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality). RealStars has tried to influence Swedish parliamentarians to vote for Honeyball’s proposal. This… Read more »

About the French sex purchase law that penalises the buyer

At the end of November the French parliament voted on a new law that criminalises buying sexual services. The vote is the result of a big effort that began over 10 years ago after France initiated a ground-breaking investigation about prostitution. The report, completed 2011, highlighted the buyers’ contribution to the oppression inherent in prostitution…. Read more »