Hotel Flora is the first Fair Sex-hotel

fair-sex-hotel-224x300 The family owned Hotel Flora is located at Grönsakstorget in Gothenburg. The hotel becomes the first in the country with the clear slogan: ”This is a Fair Sex hotel”. The Fair Sex slogan is produced by
RealStars and is an indicator of the fact that this hotel actively works against sex trade and trafficking. The message ”This is a fair sex hotel” is printed on the hotel key cards and in the information booklet in which guests can read about what working with RealStars means.

– It means that there is a confirmation for both our guests and employees that we are very clear regarding our policy. Because we have chosen to openly display our stance on the issue, it has become considerably easier for the staff to handle a suspicious situation. Reactions from guests and the staff have been immensely positive, much more so than was expected, says Carina Högberg CEO of Hotel Flora.

The advertising agency Paradigm has developed the concept for hotels with various ways to proclaim zero tolerance against trafficking.

Sex trade in the visitor industry

Sex trade in hotels is a well-known issue, the big cities being the ones most affected in Sweden. In an article published last week you can read about how one in four transactions occur in hotels. Lots of things are happening regarding awareness of the issue, but there have been comparatively few mentions of sex trade and trafficking within the Swedish visitor industry. The Fair Sex slogan is an initiative designed to aid hotels in positioning themselves and in telling the outside world that they are basically working to prevent crime. The slogan functions as a support for hotels who wish to take social responsibility. Carina Högberg tells us:

– To increase the staff’s awareness we’ve made a checklist detailing various possible scenarios. It contains examples of how we can and should act. It is incredibly difficult to know when it concerns sex trade but there are clear signs to watch out for. It is very important that all guests have proper identification.

The Fair Sex slogan is also an important step for RealStars who continually work on a large scale to prevent trafficking and sex trade. Industry can play a large role in the work with preventing trafficking – Realstars collaborate with various organizations in Business Against trafficking.

We are overjoyed by the positive response and that more and more players realize their social responsibility for a human rights issue such as this. It involves us all.

Realstars gives many thanks to Paradigm and Hotel Flora for making Hotels Against Trafficking possible.

Malin Roux Johansson

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