EU Parliament Vote: FEMM report on prostitution.

This week, the European Parliament will cast their vote on demanding that EU member states
consider criminalizing sex purchases. This comes after a report by Mary Honeyball (Great Britain), Honeyball is a member of FEMM (Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality).

RealStars has tried to influence Swedish parliamentarians to vote for Honeyball’s proposal. This is very important to us in our general goal to achieve true gender equality: by recognizing prostitution as an obstacle to equality and promoting the Swedish model. Through this campaign, we have learned that Swedish MPs are in favor of Honeyball’s report.

The report addresses three main points:

– To reduce the demand for prostitution
– Prostitution linked to human trafficking and sexual exploitation
– Poverty and desperation

If the vote is positive to the proposition, it would be a step forward as it could influence the EU Commission for a future law to criminalize the purchase of sex.

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