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RealStars is growing and mobilizing for Fair sex against trafficking 2017

RealStars is looking back at a year full of action where we take many challenges in society. We give impression in schools, among companies, and on EU – level. We are taking new efforts 2017 in order to get more people to join us for a Europé free from trafficking. 2016, a year with overtrow and a great… Read more »

Myths about prostitution

From time to time, RealStars is invited to schools to hold presentations and lectures in order to inform and talk about Fair Sex. During these lectures we often receive questions regarding prostitution — sometimes about the myths surrounding ”sex work,” or about the right to ones own body. Kajsa Ekis Ekman has written an article… Read more »

Open letter to Alexander Bard regarding Hotel against trafficking

Dear Alexander Bard, I saw on Twitter that you had highlighted Realstars’ campaign against trafficking in the hotel sector. That made me very glad. I also saw that you didn’t understand what “sexual politics” had to do with hotel accommodation. That didn’t make me so glad, but I was not surprised, because many are not… Read more »

Inspiration, dialogue for change at Anna Lindh MedForum 2016

After some intensive days in Malta it’s time to try to summarise the Anna Lindh Mediterranean Forum 2016. At its centre are intercultural dialogue, openness and creating new stories and counterforces to violence, discrimination and extremism which are such topical issues today. As the representative for Realstars I was one of around 500 people who gathered… Read more »

Amsterdam renowned for sex tourism — but more clearly prohibits sex purchase from children than Sweden

The legal prostitution has rendered Amsterdam a trafficking magnet. Many fall victim to crime and a new prostitution legislation is being discussed. In recent years, several people have been charged with sex purchase from underaged. However, a sex purchase act is still far away. Realstars has previously visited Holland, in our work to create interchange… Read more »

Europol raises concerns about the increasing human trafficking in Europe

In February, Europol issued a report investigating the state of human trafficking in the EU. The report shows that the trafficking of children and adults for the purpose of sexual exploitation increased between 2013 and 2014, and the situation is expected to become worse. Sexual exploitation is the most reported form of trafficking in Europe…. Read more »

European cooperation tools for a more humane and mindful reception of incoming refugees

RealStars would like to tip you off about an interesting article highlighting the importance of having the tools to work proactively and in a structured manner to prevent the exploitation of the already vulnerable groups in today’s refugee disaster. Europe is facing and will continue to face huge challenges in developing our societies so that… Read more »

Thank you Swedish National Inheritance Fund, all teachers, schools and students!

This year is coming to an end and so does RealStars’ three-year Swedish National Inheritance Fund Project Fair Sex: The network and creative expression. As Process Managers we want to tell you about our work the past year, and thank the teachers, school and, above all, the thousands of students we have had the opportunity… Read more »

This is how much prostitution cost the French society

Le Mouvement du Nid – France is a French organization working against prostitution. Along with the organization Pystel they have conducted a study called ProstCost to examine the economic and social costs of prostitution. The research concluded two estimates: 1. the number of prostitutes in France 2. a calculation of 29 economic posts that together… Read more »