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Call for action: End the proposition of Rom’s Red Light District

At this moment a proposition is being discussed, about a “Red Light Zone” in Rome, with the purpose to legalize prostitution and fine the prostitutes for sex-trades happening outside of the zone. Help us stop this bill by signing the petition that you can find here! In Mars 2014 senator Maria Spilabotte, with the support of… Read more »

The visions of the European Council during coming years of work – after the Millennium Development Goals

By entering the year of 2015, we also entered the year in which the UN’s MDGs are supposed to be completed. The MDGs were set in the year of 2000, during a meeting where the world leaders participated. The aim of the goals was to direct attention to people in need in different parts of… Read more »

SPACE International – an organisation established for and by survivors of prostitution

SPACE International (Survivors of Prostitution-Abuse Calling for Enlightenment) was founded by a group of sex trafficking survivors. They are now working to end global human trafficking once and for all. The goal of the organisation is to inform the public about the violence and abuse that always come with prostitution, but also to advocate to governments… Read more »

Lithuania approves resolution that criminalises sex purchase

December 16 2014, the Lithuanian parliament approved a resolution that paves the way for a total criminalisation of sex purchase. This is extremely happy news and will most likely have profound impact on the fight against trafficking and human rights abuse. It is not the first time this resolution has been discussed in the parliament…. Read more »

Prostitution and trafficking exploit the weak and vulnerable

Paying in order to carry out abuse and sexual violence is part the form of exploitation that is prostitution. ”Slavery still exists, but now it applies only to women and its name is prostitution”. These are the words of the perceptive 19th century author Victor Hugo. November 12 saw the gathering of several anti-trafficking organisations… Read more »

Sweden does not protect children who are abused by prostitution

The Swedish series of documentaries called Kalla Fakta (Cold Facts) aired a program on November 4 in which they examined the prostitution of children in Sweden. The Swedish model and the legislation that bans the purchase of sexual services has been a role model for many countries. However, in the program many deficiencies where identified… Read more »

Civil society contact with victims of human trafficking

RealStars is participating in the initiative Plattformen Civila Sverige mot människohandel (Swedish civil society platform against human trafficking) which has brought together several Swedish organisation in one informal network. In preparation for the upcoming EU Anti-trafficking Day 18 October, an important project was presented and for the first time revealing statistics on civil society contact… Read more »

RealStars’ Malin Roux and Parul Sharma from The Academy for Human Rights in Business discuss CSR and the work against sex trafficking

Yesterday, Shenet in cooperation with BPW – Business Professional Women – arranged an event at Kungsträdgården where the founder of RealStars Malin Roux, the human rights solicitor Parul Sharma from The Academy for Human Rights in Business, and a part of the corporate network CSR Sweden were a few of the participators. The theme was… Read more »

The EU Commission is publishing new statistics today – ”Trafficking in human beings”

Half of the allotted time, from 2012 to 2016, for the EU strategy for the elimination of human trafficking has now passed. In preparation for the EU anti-trafficking day the EU commission published their report “Trafficking in human beings (working paper)” on October 17th. The report details statistics of victims of trafficking and human traffickers… Read more »