Call for action: End the proposition of Rom’s Red Light District

At this moment a proposition is being discussed, about a “Red Light Zone” in Rome, with the purpose to legalize prostitution and fine the prostitutes for sex-trades happening outside of the zone. Help us stop this bill by signing the petition that you can find here!

In Mars 2014 senator Maria Spilabotte, with the support of Forza Italia’s Alessandra Mussolini among others, made a proposition for a new law about a so called “Red Light District” in Rome.

The proposition, which goes under the name “Progetto Michela” is about legalizing prostitution in a certain part of the city. A reoccurring word in the proposition is “decoro” which can be translated to “decency”. The bill is in large terms about “looking out” for the public and making sure they don’t have to see prostitution and it’s consequences, since of course that is to be considered lewd and indecent. Thus, purchasing sex is to become legal within a “decency zone” and every prostitute outside of the zone with be fined with a fine between 1000-6000 €.

What is commonly ignored is that in 9 out 10 cases, the prostitute is exploited with some sort of coercion or physical /psychological violence in the background and that prostitution has strong ties to human trade in sexual purposes. Another crucial miscalculation with the bill is that they want to consistently fine and criminalize the prostitute for all sex trades that are caught outside of the so called decency zone.

In a summary, the proposition means a huge step back for Italy’s decency as well as for the people who today get exploited through human trade and forced into a life of prostitution.

YOU can help by spreading the word and signing the petition which is driving by the female organization called Resistenza Femminista in Italy. The petition can be found here!