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Breakfast meeting with Presskontakterna in Stockholm

Photo of this week’s breakfast meeting with Presskontakterna Stockholm, where Process manager Emily lectured on sextrafficking and how we as fellow humans can activate ourselves in the work to discourage demand and reinforce the message of FAIR SEX. Thanks to all participants and Presskontakterna for an inspiring morning! # forfair6

There are REALSTARS in every classroom

This week, RealStars visited Nacka gymnasium and the International English Gymnasium in Södermalm. At Nacka gymnasium, a lecture was given for a class that studies Hotel and Tourism. The following discussions were therefore focused on RealStars work within the hotel sector; how hotels can work together and how the travelling industry can play an active… Read more »

Civil society contact with victims of human trafficking

RealStars is participating in the initiative Plattformen Civila Sverige mot människohandel (Swedish civil society platform against human trafficking) which has brought together several Swedish organisation in one informal network. In preparation for the upcoming EU Anti-trafficking Day 18 October, an important project was presented and for the first time revealing statistics on civil society contact… Read more »

RealStars’ Malin Roux and Parul Sharma from The Academy for Human Rights in Business discuss CSR and the work against sex trafficking

Yesterday, Shenet in cooperation with BPW – Business Professional Women – arranged an event at Kungsträdgården where the founder of RealStars Malin Roux, the human rights solicitor Parul Sharma from The Academy for Human Rights in Business, and a part of the corporate network CSR Sweden were a few of the participators. The theme was… Read more »

Solna Vikings plays against trafficking

Solna Vikings did their warm-up for yesterday’s thrilling home premiere wearing t-shirts with the message “AGAINST TRAFFICKING”. It is truly enjoyable to see that these athletes are taking a stand for Fair Sex and that Solna Vikings, as a sports club, is choosing to acknowledge Realstars’ work against sex trafficking. You are stars. GO VIKINGS,… Read more »

Same fight, different opponents in Mexico, Australia and Sweden

Real Stars publishes this thoughtful text, that provides insight into the struggle against prostitution, by Kajsa Ekis Ekman, debater and author of the book “Being and Goods.” She has met Lydia Cacho from Mexico, who is constantly subjected to death threats for exposing the abuse of women and children. Both met in Australia. Debating prostitution… Read more »

Paedophile Ring in Northern England

1,400 children were victims of a paedophile ring that operated in the north of England for sixteen years. New information that the English authorities and the Police had knowledge of the paedophile ring and did not intervene has shocked many people. The paedophile ring operated for sixteen years in and around Rotherham in northern England…. Read more »

Norway’s Sex Trade Law evaluated

Four years after passing a Sex Trade Law, Norway has begun evaluating its efficacy. The results are striking and positive and appear to indicate a significant reduction in the demand for prostitutes. The Norwegian legislation against buying sex went active January 1 of 2009 – the reason being that the then current Norwegian Government wanted… Read more »