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Just like describes the film ”Everyday young girls are bought and sold”, it seems fitting to add ”over and over….and over…again” – that is the general plot of the movie. A global, illegal operation where the lives of young women are treated as a piece of meat on the most horrific market you can… Read more »

“He’s a John Doe”

RealStars welcome our guest-blogger Sari Vettenranta. Sari has a degree in journalism and is currently focused on criminology. She is adamant that all people should be allowed to live their lives without being oppressed or exposed to systematic abuse. Remember the outcry during spring 2010, when the Minister of Justice Beatrice Ask (M) suggested that… Read more »

We are all humans

Reading Sunday DN* is an almost religious experience for me. A cup of tea, my favourite bread and a newspaper hot off the presses filled with articles. A little bubble of cosiness envelops me and takes me through what is otherwise the most boring day of the week. But it so happened that this Sunday… Read more »

The Body Shop against human trafficking of children and young people

In June 2010, The Body Shop started their biggest campaign so far. In cooperation with ECPAT, the campaign “Stop sex trafficking of children and young people” was started as a petition, and means of making the government realise the seriousness of sex trafficking of children and young people. They demand that the government: 1. Take… Read more »

High School students are guest blogging: ”Every individual should have the right to be free”

What I’d like to say about trafficking, sex trafficking that is, is that it is illegal in most of the European countries which I find incredibly good. Outside of Europe, other countries are also making progress. In Sout Africa, for example, a number of cases of trafficking have recently led to prosecutions. A conviction was… Read more »

Interview with Maia Strufve from KAST ( eng. Purchasers of Sexual Services)

offences in Gothenburg, RealStars has interviewed various players who, in different ways, work to reduce and stop prostitution. During 2011, in Gothenburg alone, 225 men were convicted under the Sex Purchase Act. Many of those who committed crimes were arrested around Rosenlund where the women who are now standing as witnesses against their former traffickers… Read more »

We must protect trafficking victims in Gothenburg

These women are being sent back to their home countries after they have testified against their traffickers. Back to poverty where same, if not worse, conditions are waiting for them. These are the conditions that put them in this position in the first place and resulted in them being sent to Western Europe where they… Read more »