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We must protect trafficking victims in Gothenburg

These women are being sent back to their home countries after they have testified against their traffickers. Back to poverty where same, if not worse, conditions are waiting for them. These are the conditions that put them in this position in the first place and resulted in them being sent to Western Europe where they… Read more »

RealStars i Göteborgs-Posten

We hope you didn’t miss reading GP Debate on International Women’s Day on Thursday? RealStars and Thomas Ahlstrand, prosecutor at the International Prosecution Office in Gothenburg: Svensk sexlagstiftning en förebild för Europa

For Fair Sex – the campaign is here!

Europe and sex is in focus. Or, rather the opposite of Fair Sex being Unfair sex. . Sex trafficking and and sex trade is now a bigger problem than any of us could ever have imagined, which is highlighted by our For Fair Sex-campaign. The campaign highlights the fact that Europe has the highest number… Read more »

“Every time sex buyers pay for sex, they give money which supports organized crimes”

Per Ottosson, Chief Inspector (kommissarie) and Head of Unit (enhetschef) at the County Bureau of Investigation (Länskriminalpolisen) says this to Metro regarding the trials of the six Romanian men who are suspected of smuggling and selling at least 15 women for sexual purposes in Gothenburg. The Gothenburg case makes it evident how extremely lucrative the… Read more »

Trafficking in Gothenburg

We have recently been reminded that trafficking doesn’t just happen in Europe. Six Romanian men have been arrested in Gothenburg. By surveying prostitution in Gothenburg, it is estimated that almost all of the young women who have sold sex at the red light district of Gothenburg, have ties to the Romanian network. 255 men were… Read more »

Human trafficking outside European borders

The South African Parliament has still not endorsed the detailed human trafficking legislation put forward in 2003. Critics like to claim that human trafficking is not a major problem in the country despite frequent proof of the opposite. Fortunately however, there seems to have been a positive shift during 2011 although perhaps not as rapidly… Read more »

Germany takes a step in the right direction

Svenska Dagbladet wrote on February 4th this year that the police and scientists among others wants a review of the German prostitution legislation. Axel Dreher, professor at Heidelberg University, estimates the German sex trade is 60 times larger than in countries where it’s prohibited, such as Sweden. Critics describe Germany as ”The biggest brothel in… Read more »

Hope for sex-purchase law in France

While the Swedish sex-purchase law is being debated in different ways, it’s also being exported. It is to be hoped that France will instate a new law which is founded on the Swedish model. Approximately 20.000 are prostitutes in France and about 90% of them are from other countries. France aims to affirm the abolitionary… Read more »

The country in Europe which sticks out

Just like several other European countries, prostitution is legal in Switzerland. It’s even legal to advertise it. It can happen openly in the street and there are brothels, similar to other European countries. But there is one big difference between Switzerland and most other European countries with legalized prostitution. It’s actually legal to sell sex… Read more »