European Football Championship – no to sex trade

The European Football Championship, the excitement, partying and high stakes are over for this time. Increased sex trade and trafficking has once again been observed as a dark side of the championship. The headlines found in Swedish media were primarily about Femen, a Ukrainian feminist protest group who use their bodies as a weapon against sex trade during the championship. Their banner reads: Ukraine is not a brothel. They can be compared to Slutwalk who reacted similarly against rape.

There is a good description in SvD June 15, Sextremism is the new feminism by Anna Laestadius Larsson.

So, what happened during the championship, did the sex trade increase? It’s hard to find out, visitors said the streets were “cleaned” to show a nice facade. The problems should be solved long term and with measures to make the lives of young people better and focusing on the demand. DN wrote about sex trade and trafficking in Europe and stated many people say that the Swedish approach should reach more people, , ”Låt svensk sexlag gå på export.” “Export the Swedish Sex Trade Law”. RealStars were interviewed. We pointed out the obvious weakness in EU’s anti-trafficking work. The sex buyer is protected in many countries, people ignore the fact that the buyer’s money makes the trade. More countries need stronger measures and laws like those of the Swedish Sex Trade Law.
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Sex and sport, sure, as long as it’s fair and free from exploitation.
Malin Roux for RealStars