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The Body Shop against human trafficking of children and young people

In June 2010, The Body Shop started their biggest campaign so far. In cooperation with ECPAT, the campaign “Stop sex trafficking of children and young people” was started as a petition, and means of making the government realise the seriousness of sex trafficking of children and young people. They demand that the government: 1. Take… Read more »

High School students are guest blogging: ”Every individual should have the right to be free”

What I’d like to say about trafficking, sex trafficking that is, is that it is illegal in most of the European countries which I find incredibly good. Outside of Europe, other countries are also making progress. In Sout Africa, for example, a number of cases of trafficking have recently led to prosecutions. A conviction was… Read more »

Human trafficking outside European borders

The South African Parliament has still not endorsed the detailed human trafficking legislation put forward in 2003. Critics like to claim that human trafficking is not a major problem in the country despite frequent proof of the opposite. Fortunately however, there seems to have been a positive shift during 2011 although perhaps not as rapidly… Read more »

Germany takes a step in the right direction

Svenska Dagbladet wrote on February 4th this year that the police and scientists among others wants a review of the German prostitution legislation. Axel Dreher, professor at Heidelberg University, estimates the German sex trade is 60 times larger than in countries where it’s prohibited, such as Sweden. Critics describe Germany as ”The biggest brothel in… Read more »

Real beauty

Matilda Almelöv studies social science in senior high school and writes about having the courage to make your own choices. Beauty+money+several friends=happiness. If society had an equation which explained happiness, it would look kind of like that. There is a strong ideal of how one should act and what you should do to get to… Read more »

How much are we worth?

I have some time off this week before I go back to school in Scotland, so I try to spend a lot of time with my family. I have 6 younger siblings. I miss them constantly when I am away and now when I am about to leave I think about how much I value… Read more »

Me and my muffin top

Every time I’m at home in Stockholm, planning to go out to dinner or dance with my friends, I ask my two teenage sisters what to wear. They know what’s “in” and bluntly say if I look like shit. Sadly I often get comments like “you’re not gonna wear that are you…?” or “you can’t… Read more »

Fashion with a message

Realstars believe every human has equal value. Freedom, self-worth and integrity. With freedom comes dreams, ambitions to make your dreams come true. Believe in yourself and spread your wings. 
 It feels like our lives today are already predetermined by rules we “must” adhere to. Adhere because you will gain respect and acceptance from the… Read more »