Germany takes a step in the right direction

Svenska Dagbladet wrote on February 4th this year that the police and scientists among others wants a review of the German prostitution legislation. Axel Dreher, professor at Heidelberg University, estimates the German sex trade is 60 times larger than in countries where it’s prohibited, such as Sweden.

Critics describe Germany as ”The biggest brothel in Europe”, which is probably correct. The biggest brothel in Europe is actually located in Cologne, Germany.
About 120 women work at the brothel, called “Pascha”. The brothel has about 1000 sex buyers every day. This is a single brothel, the numbers from street prostitution are much higher and much more frightening. So this criticism is legitimate, Germany is most likely the biggest brothel in Europe.

The law which made buying sex legal in Germany was introduced in 2002. The reasoning was that it would be easier to come in contact with the women and offer medical care etc. But the outcome was not something expected. Prostitution had a massive increase and trafficking grew as well. With the legalization, pimps had legal right to run their otherwise illegal activities. Increasing trafficking and other types of misanthropic activities (associated with prostitution) has been aided by the law.

However, people critical of sex trade have made themselves heard and this made the government in Berlin review the legislation. It will probably not become similar to Sweden where buying sex is prohibited, but hopefully measures will be taken to tighten up the legislation. The most important thing in my opinion is to look into the welfare of women.

/Ernst Adamsson Borg for RealStars