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Should the Sex Purchase Act be decriminalised? Part 1

In 1999, Sweden was the first country to introduce a sex purchasing law that made it illegal to buy sexual services, but not to sell them. Other countries, such as Iceland and Norway have followed Sweden’s approach. The United Kingdom also has similar legislation. Even though prostitution is legal, the buyer can be charged if… Read more »

2012: A year of rape

A year has passed and a lot has happened. Many good things but also many bad things. Previously, about 5000 rapes are reported every year in Sweden. That’s more than in our neighboring countries. This is good and bad, of course terrible that so many people are victims of sexual assaults, but the fact that… Read more »

The right winter clothes

How is fashion linked with Fair Sex? Clothes and fashion is a huge, it’s a global industry which produces vast profit every year. Fashion and clothes are important hobbies for many people. The clothing and fashion industry however is quite twisted, with bad ideals of women and men. Industries with child labor and other types… Read more »

”Professional cuddlers” charge for physical contact

Earlier this year, RealStars reported about the homepage Miss Travel, where attractive women could have the pleasure of being travel companions for rich men with all expenses paid. RealStars made a video response to Miss Travel to show how closely related buying human contact and its commercialization is to paying for sexual services, prostitution, trafficking… Read more »

Your right to fashion and style

Fashion changes every season and we are updated with the latest trends. But to have style you don’t have to follow trends. Style is something individual, a way for you to show the world who you are. Your style probably says more about you than you might think. Someone’s style is very individual and that… Read more »

Human traffickers use traditional religion to silence their victims

An article in New Africa Press called: “A Bewitching Economy: Witchcraft and Human Trafficking” sheds some light on human trafficking and how some human traders and smugglers threaten their victims to stay quiet. The article, focusing on trafficking in Africa, states that it’s not uncommon for traffickers to exploit the belief in spirits and beings,… Read more »

Silent witnesses have a responsibility

Last Sunday was the UN national day for UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. With the subject already on the agenda, we take the opportunity to submit this post that writer Bengt Alvång made on Göteborgs-Posten’s letters to the editor three years ago. For every abused child, there is an adult… Read more »

– Media is a vast source for information and concepts about sex and sexuality

Saga Alm Mårtensson has studied for the Master’s Degree in sexology at Malmö Högskola and a basic psychotherapy course in cognitive behavioral therapy at Karlstads Universitet. Right now she works as a curator at a health center. We asked her about media’s role in discussions about sexuality and the messages media transmits regarding sexuality. How… Read more »

A firmer stance on sex trade in France?

In December 2011 a debate about prostitution was re-energized in France when the National Assembly expressed an aspiration to criminalize sex buying. Prostitution is currently admissible in France but to “actively offer sexual services” as well as all types of pimping is illegal. The vague law leads to protests from all sides. “Mouvement du Nid”,… Read more »