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Prostitution and trafficking exploit the weak and vulnerable

Paying in order to carry out abuse and sexual violence is part the form of exploitation that is prostitution. ”Slavery still exists, but now it applies only to women and its name is prostitution”. These are the words of the perceptive 19th century author Victor Hugo. November 12 saw the gathering of several anti-trafficking organisations… Read more »

Why does trafficking exist?

Human trafficking is one of the world’s biggest organized crimes. It is also the crime that increases in numbers the fastest. How is that possible? There are some crucial reasons why trafficking exists. The single biggest reason is demand. The responsibility of the sex buyer The reason why human trafficking for sexual purposes exists is… Read more »

”Professional cuddlers” charge for physical contact

Earlier this year, RealStars reported about the homepage Miss Travel, where attractive women could have the pleasure of being travel companions for rich men with all expenses paid. RealStars made a video response to Miss Travel to show how closely related buying human contact and its commercialization is to paying for sexual services, prostitution, trafficking… Read more »

Hamburg – city of sin

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany. With its almost two million people, the city is the center of media, finance and gastronomy in Germany. Most of the big newspapers are based here, such as Die Spiegel, Die Zeit and Die Welt. But this is only one side of Hamburg, the light side. Hamburg’s… Read more »

Shopping mad!

This last week I have gone autumn shopping mad! The only thing I want to do is to buy some fine autumn-clothes and prepare for the coming season of fantastic fashion! Since I am a student with very limited economy, I have to learn to buy clothes at the low-priced stores and find those rare… Read more »


Students study and reflect on prostitution and human trafficking During spring 2011, students at Angeredsgymnasiet have been involved in RealStars’ work. They have for a short time immersed themselves in sex trafficking and similar matters. You can read selected parts from their work below, which also reflect their personal thoughts. ”The most intrusive act an… Read more »