Roundtable Brings Together Stockholm’s Tourism

On 11th May, RealStars conducted a roundtable on the theme Innovation against Trafficking in Stockholm. Around forty representatives from Stockholm tourism industry participated in the roundtable. The guest speakers were from the County Board, Police in Falun, RealStars, Swedish Destination Development, and Scandic. The pilot project was conducted in western Sweden in spring. The roundtable in Stockholm attempted… Read more »

The Third Roundtable in Western Sweden

On 29th April, we held the final roundtable of Vinnova project for a trafficking free tourism.  We were privileged to have Kajsa Wahlberg, Reporter on human trafficking at National Police, to share her work and experiences with us. Olso Mats Paulsson, Inspector Police of human trafficking in Gothenburg, also shared data and suggestions regarding the suspected… Read more »

The Second Roundtable Opens New Opportunities

On 16th March 2015, Realstars held our second roundtable at the Gothia Hotel in Gothenburg. Around 25 organizations from the western Swedish tourism industry gathered to further develop the ideas discussed during the first roundtable. The speakers who shared their experiences with us during the roundtable were Thomas Ahlstrand, Deputy Chief Prosecutor at International Public Prosecution Office; Mats… Read more »

Press coverage on Fair Sex Hotel

“Hotellen tar krafttag mot sexköp“ Fria tidningar, 25 June 2014 “Första Fair Sex-märkta hotellet“Metro, 17 June 2014 “Hotel Flora tar täten mot trafficking“Besöksliv, 13 June 2014 “Göteborgshotellet får en Fair Sex-stämpel“GT – Expressen, 11 June 2014

Tele2 has difficulty influencing the customer

The Code of Conduct of Swedish Tele2 is based on the principles of UNs Global Compact. The company thinks that they are more likely to affect employees, partners and suppliers to follow the same prinicples. The possibilities to influence customers is limited due to privacy restrictions when it comes to private communication. Tele2 do collaborate… Read more »


Ving has during many years activly taken a stand against all forms of sexual exploitation of children. – The challenge is to spread knowledge, dare to act and know how to act if a customer or an employee see anyhting suspicious out in our destinations. One report can become an important piece in a bigger… Read more »

Watched Lilja 4-ever and was very moved

”I wanted to do something to support the work against trafficking. A few years ago, I watched the movie Lilja 4-ever and was very moved. It happens here in Sweden, just around the corner. I happened to turn on the radio recently and I heard the newly made P3 documentary about the life and death… Read more »

Business Against Trafficking is seen in the media

In GT, you can now read about the collaboration to get companies involved in taking social responsibility against trafficking. We are naturally very grateful to our partners who have made this project a reality: Caroline af Ugglas, Marknadscheferna, Elanders and A-ramar. Thanks! Malin for Realstars

Travel for Fair Sex

With the campaign “Travel for Fair Sex” we look for partners and anyone who loves travel to get involved in stopping trafficking at some of our most popular travel destinations. Many places the Swedes love visit are also home to sex tourism; Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Greece are some of our favorite destinations in Europe. But… Read more »