Roundtable Brings Together Stockholm’s Tourism

On 11th May, RealStars conducted a roundtable on the theme Innovation against Trafficking in Stockholm. Around forty representatives from Stockholm tourism industry participated in the roundtable. The guest speakers were from the County Board, Police in Falun, RealStars, Swedish Destination Development, and Scandic.

The pilot project was conducted in western Sweden in spring. The roundtable in Stockholm attempted to develop some of the ideas, tools and interaction models that were initiated in Gothenburg.

The roundtables in Gothenburg and Stockholm demonstrate an urgent need to work in this sector. It also highlights the importance of police resources to work with the issue of prostitution and human trafficking.

The seminar highlighted several interesting issues including:

“It is important to have a policy against trafficking and prostitution which involves guests. The guests might be aware of the ongoing issues in the hotel more than the staff.”

“The perspective of guests is important. Many of us strive to have a sustainable environment and educate guests to take responsibility for their neighborhood- but responsibility is not only about environment, it is also about being socially responsible.” 

“It is important to cooperate with other companies and some cooperation can also take place in hotels. Those who work in the bar can cooperate with the reception and have an eye on for instance room 342.”