The Third Roundtable in Western Sweden

On 29th April, we held the final roundtable of Vinnova project for a trafficking free tourism. 

We were privileged to have Kajsa Wahlberg, Reporter on human trafficking at National Police, to share her work and experiences with us. Olso Mats Paulsson, Inspector Police of human trafficking in Gothenburg, also shared data and suggestions regarding the suspected crimes during the roundtable.

The participants emphasized that fighting human trafficking is not only the police’s responsibility but is everyone’s duty. In continuation, we discussed regional and transnational ways to combat prostitution and human trafficking. Most of the discussed suggestions focused on launching awareness campaigns. Throughout the discussion, the importance of clarifying the Swedish sex purchase law to everyone, especially to tourists, was mentioned.

Below are some of the quotes from the roundtable discussion:

“It should be designed as simple as possible: First, everyone should be informed that the problem exists and effects everyone. Second, we need knowledge regarding how to act and what steps to take. At last, we need to evaluate what can be improved for the next event.”

“All of us who are involved in this innovative process want to conduct an event and take action. It is important to have coordination among the regional activities.”